Woman shares 75p carpet cleaning hack to remove dirt vacuum leaves behind

A woman leaves people depraved by showing how much dust and dirt lurks in the carpets of our homes – even after vacuuming.

TikTok user @Miaslaterxo uploaded a video of the cleaning hack and received more than 1.3 million views when others promised to try it out for themselves.

All you need to get the job done is a hand squeegee, typically used on windows, which can be picked up for under £ 1 along with some elbow grease.

Mia says: “Cleaning tip for thorough cleaning and lathering of carpets is much more than a vacuum cleaner can.”

Then she takes the squeegee she bought from Ikea for just 75p and pulls the carpet backwards to remove the dirt hidden in the fibers.

It’s so easy to do

The pile of hair and dirt removed by the squeegee

The results show what the vacuum is leaving behind

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She shows the color difference in the gray carpet and the huge pile of dust and hair and writes: “The end result and all the dust that has appeared … give it a try and see how much is in your carpet.”

Hundreds of viewers were amazed by the results when one person said, “I really have the same carpet and that helped me a lot, thank you.”

A second said, “OMG, thanks. I’m doing this. I got a little Yorkie and spilled her.”

And others vouched for the method when someone else added, “Can attest that this works wonders.”

A second said, “Oh, I love doing this with my carpets, especially the stairs, which for some reason seem to need it more and more.”

And another just joked: “And that’s why I switched to wooden floors.”

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