Wife Charged With Murder After Husband’s Body Found In Attic

Latosha Starks-Twilley was charged with first degree murder after her husband’s body was found hidden in the attic of her home.

Police say the wife of a man found dead in a plastic container on Saturday is now charged with murder.

Police charged Latosha Starks-Twilley with abusing a corpse after her husband was found in the attic of their Parkway Village home.

Officers were called to 4127 Cottonwood home to investigate a death. When they arrived, local family members said they believed the victim was injured after his cell phone rang behind a wall upstairs in the victim’s house.

After searching the house, officers found Waddell Twilley’s body in a plastic container with clothes, dirt, and concrete mix. The container was hidden in a crawl space in the attic.

Latosha Twilley told police they last saw her husband alive in the house early Saturday morning but could not explain his whereabouts later.

Local 24 learned that she is also a registered sex offender who tried to kill the 13-year-old boy she had sex with. A look at their past shows Starks-Twilley has been on the Registered Sex Offender List for the past 10 years. In 2006, Starks-Twilley pleaded guilty to aggravating legal rape and aggravated assault. According to a police affidavit, she alleged that the 13-year-old boy raped her and that she shot him in the back while he was sleeping.

Twilley was charged with first degree murder and is due to be charged on Tuesday.

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