Why Willow Mattress is a Luxurious Yet Eco-Friendly Option for Your Bedroom

The Willow Mattress brand story began with a couple’s personal search for a latex mattress. “We wanted both the luxury, comfort, and support of latex as well as the health benefits (anti-mold, anti-dust mite, etc.) and environmental benefits of 100 percent natural latex,” says founder and owner Chantal Travers, whose Family lives in singapore. “However, in our search, we found that the entire experience of finding the right mattress is overwhelming and complicated.”

Travers and her husband also learned that “although 99 percent of the latex used in mattress making worldwide actually comes from Southeast Asia, it was all shipped to Europe, where it was finished and branded and then sent back” – a huge cost to that Environment and consumers. This knowledge sparked the research and development process that resulted in Singapore’s best, most affordable 100 percent natural premium latex mattress.

We reduce shipping costs and the time to and from Europe while ensuring the same European standards and certifications as our competitors. We are involved in every step of the process, from the plantation to delivery to your home and beyond.

– Chantal Travers (pictured in the center), founder and owner of the Willow mattress

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