Why including the furniture in a home’s sale can be a smart move

Selling a fully furnished home can dramatically increase the selling price and make shopping easier for the new owners. It can also be a smart plan of action for selling in a COVID-19 market.

Dressing up a property for sale has become a potential strategy that allows potential buyers to visualize themselves in the home. For the seller, this can significantly increase the selling price.

When 34 Ridley Street, Blairgowrie launched earlier this year, potential buyers were able to purchase approximately $ 100,000 worth of furniture in the beautifully appointed four-bedroom home.

Fresh interior at 34 Ridley Street, Blairgowrie that was sold at auction and marketed with the option of buying the furniture for approximately $ 100,000. Photo: RT Edgar

RT Edgar agent Clayton Smith, the marketing agent for the builder’s flagship property, says this approach is one way to remove barriers to a potential sale.

The Ridley Street buyer, who raised $ 2.541 million at auction (above expectations), chose not to buy the furniture, but this was part of what appealed to the large contingent of potential buyers.

Smith took 225 people through inspections in two and a half weeks, with the majority of house hunters being between 45 and 65 years old.

At the start of the campaign, the Mornington Peninsula property was expected to cost between $ 1.8 million and $ 1.9 million.

According to Smith, the vendor’s flexibility helped achieve auction day outcome. He says it can be a “win-win” situation for buyers and sellers to incorporate the option of furniture that, in his opinion, doesn’t have to be new or nearly new to get the result.

34 Ridley Street, BlairgowrieAbout 225 people inspected 34 Ridley Street, Blairgowrie. Photo: RT Edgar

“It was a great fun home, a great relaxed beach house, and a great way to have friends and family over the weekend,” says Smith.

“It was what people were looking for. The target market were people based in Melbourne looking for a getaway.

“The owner said if the buyer wants to come in and take it as it is, we can accommodate it.”

Lock-and-leave properties are becoming increasingly important to buyers, says Smith, and include technology that makes maintenance a breeze.

“In Ridley Street, for example, there is floor cleaning in the pool and solar and gas heating in the pool. So if you decide to go on a Friday night, ‘Yeah, we’re coming down,’ turn on the heating. ” he says.

34 Ridley Street, BlairgowrieTurn on the heat in the pool at 34 Ridley Street, Blairgowrie from your Melbourne cell phone. Photo: RT Edgar

Furniture stores and interior designers are now offering complete packages so buyers can buy a property, unpack their clothes, and move in straight away without having to source new furniture.

Experts say it’s a growing trend. It is also proving to be popular in a market hit by sudden closings and delays in receiving furniture due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Selling a fully furnished property is proving to be popular with high-end Mornington Peninsula real estate, including vacation rentals. Some developers also offer this service.

According to Ian Ross of Danckert Real Estate, the sale of the luxury three-bedroom apartment on 208/9 Waterfront Place, Safety Beach, was fully furnished, cheap for both the seller – who had offered it for rent through Airbnb – and the buyer.

“The people who bought it also want to use it as a vacation home, but only for 50 percent of the time,” says Ross.

“It’s not her primary residence; You live in Melbourne and just found it easier … and there are delays at the moment when COVID gets furniture anyway. “

Emma Hynes, owner of the Emboss Group property styling and interior design business, says there are several benefits to selling a furnished property.

“The first is that when a property is furnished, it feels bigger – with the right scale and type of furniture and placed in the right place. The second is convenience as the accommodation is ready to move into. “

According to Hynes, fully furnished properties appeal to people who are short on time and who want a “trendy” look but don’t have the ability to do it themselves.

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