White House Dropping $44k on Carpet Cleaning for Biden Administration


Elected President Joe Biden Maybe because of the pandemic, he’ll miss the usual big public meeting for his inauguration … but at least he’ll get into nice, clean digs.

While improving the safety and ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in Biden’s swearing-in is a top priority, the government is also spending some dough to clean up … according to federal financial documents.

We learned that the White House is raising a little over $ 44,000 for “Housewarming Carpet Cleaning.” It’s unclear how many rooms will be freshly carpeted … the White House has 132 rooms.

If you want to visit POTUS after January 20th, you may need to take off your shoes.

As we reported … Biden’s inauguration is becoming increasingly important pulled back due to COVID-19 concerns as the ceremony has an “extremely limited” footprint and a “reinterpreted” parade.

Still they were Set up the stage for the event since early November and save no cost on backup to ensure that Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris are in good hands … and apparently everyone in the White House will walk on good, clean carpets.

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