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Scoop: Biden is considering prominent Republicans as ambassadors

Biden administration officials are considering nominating prominent Republicans for ambassadors – including Cindy McCain and former Republican Senator Jeff Flake – to underscore the importance of bipartisanism in U.S. foreign policy, according to those familiar with their thoughts. Why It Matters: President Biden Didn’t Put All Republicans in His Cabinet, but a move like this would symbolize a return to the Truman-era adage that partisan politics stop “at the water’s edge”. Receive market news worthy of your time at Axios Markets. Subscribe for free. It would signal to other nations that the Trump era is over as well, and Biden speaks for all Americans, not just Democrats. Additionally, the possible nominations of two Arizona Republicans clashing with former President Trump and advocating Biden could bolster Democrats to the new president, winning a large tented tent in a once red state with around 10,000 votes. Advisors say it is premature to discuss either name and no decisions have been made about ambassadors. What We Hear: McCain, the widow of Senator John McCain was discussed for the UK, while Flake was mentioned for South Africa as well as for postings in Europe. Competition for plum ambassadors, particularly in Western Europe, will be fierce, with Biden officials already suggesting that they will not appoint as many donors as previous presidents. Cindy McCain, who testified to Biden’s strengths during a speech at the Democratic National Convention, is likely to be some sort of ambassador, although London is not guaranteed. In addition to being the wife of the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, she was a prominent Republican figure herself at the national level. Flake posed as a traditional Republican and appeared as a critic of Trump. He served as a Mormon missionary in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Here’s how it works: Steve Ricchetti, Adviser to the President, helps manage the process and decides how to reward various supporters and donors, groups that normally run for ambassadors. Now that Tony Blinken is appointed Secretary of State, the process is speeding up, but the final decisions on who gets what are weeks away. British media reported the possibility that McCain might travel to London in November, but those discussions are now more advanced. Like this article? Get more from Axios and subscribe to Axios Markets for free.

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