Wetland Rehabilitation Continues With Junk Removal Along Canyon Road East In Pierce County

In December 2020, Pierce County acquired property along Canyon Road East and Pioneer Way East to be used as a driveway for the project. Over the past month, the county has been pulling junk from the property, including rusty trailers, abandoned cars, concrete slabs, and junk.

The previous owner also removed scrap in 2019 before the sale. During construction, more harmful materials such as an underground storage tank and contaminated soil are removed.

The Canyon Road Regional Connection Project will extend Canyon Road East from Pioneer Way East to 70th Avenue East in Fife, creating an important link between Frederickson and the port of Tacoma. Pierce County will invest more than $ 1.5 million in environmental conservation exclusively in the Canyon Road East Corridor.

In addition to removing rubbish, future wetland rehabilitation work will include installing woody habitat structures in streams, removing invasive plants and replacing them with native vegetation, and replacing impassable fish barrier passages.

“This is an example of how transportation projects can carefully consider our natural spaces and ecosystems,” said Brian D. Stacy, PE, planning and public works engineer for the county. “We are not only restoring the areas directly affected, but also doubling the benefits for the environment by rehabilitating and improving existing habitats.”

The start of construction of the road project is planned for 2025, the financing is pending.

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