West Haven weighs trash-hauling plan, tables action over dumpster issue | Government

WEST HAVEN – West Haven remains the only town in Weber County that does not provide garbage collection services on behalf of its citizens.

And after the topic sparked a number of comments at a public hearing, many of which are negative, it will stay the same, at least for now.

West Haven City Council has been debating whether to enter into a contract with a freight forwarder to collect waste around the city, and officials held a public hearing on the matter on Wednesday, with three proposals from private companies pending consideration. It has been an uninterrupted problem over the years, and many have asked city guides to take up the issue in order to reduce the cost residents have to pay for garbage collection. Local residents and others who wish to collect rubbish negotiate directly with carriers, which can be a more costly proposition.

After several had spoken at the hearing and were angry about the lack of a provision in the plans for dumpsters, the city council put forward measures. Instead, they will consider whether the three bidders Republic Services, Waste Management and Robinson Waste Services can amend their proposals to address the dumpster problem and will provisionally revisit the matter on September 16.

“With all of that farmland in West Haven, there is a lot of dumpster used against cans,” said Nina Morse, a city council member, on Thursday. Dumpsters are bigger and hold more waste and the dumpster user alternative under the proposals submitted might have paid for multiple cans, adding to their cost.

Trash collection may be a mundane affair. However, the edition highlights the ongoing change in West Haven, which has an agricultural heritage but is rapidly expanding and changing and developing a more suburban feel. Officials are negotiating the appointment of a new city manager to oversee West Haven’s day-to-day operations. This underscores the city’s rapid growth and is well on its way to surpassing South Ogden as Weber County’s fourth largest locale.

According to Mayor Sharon Bolos, West Haven is the only town in Weber County that does not provide garbage collection itself or has no government-negotiated agreement to provide the service. Weber County addressed the rubbish problem last spring, hiring two rubbish haulage companies to handle rubbish collection in residential areas in the unregistered areas of the county, mainly to cut costs for consumers.

West Haven garbage collection fees under the three proposals under consideration on Wednesday ranged from $ 28.29 to $ 32.94 every three months for a trash can. That’s about a third of the cost some are currently paying. “We have people who pay about $ 100 a quarter for a can,” Morse said.

Indeed, while there is vocal opposition, especially among those who want a dumpster option, Morse suspects the city is the most preferred and signs a contract with a freight forwarder, largely because of the savings it brings. Meanwhile, Bolos has also heard opposition from some who want the opportunity to negotiate their own garbage disposal agreements and who don’t want to be tied to a city-selected haulier.

According to Morse, the three garbage disposal bidders will be asked on Wednesday to review their plans to include a dumpster option and / or an opt-out provision for those who prefer to contract for the dumpster service themselves.

Weber County’s agent Scott Jenkins said one of the few points of contention in the county’s-negotiated garbage disposal deal was over dumpsters. As in West Haven, some prefer dumpsters because of the amount of trash they can hold, he said. Accordingly, the district policy provides for exemptions on a case-by-case basis for those who wish to negotiate dumpster deals with freight forwarders themselves.

“That was the only wrinkle we had,” said Jenkins.

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