West Haven ‘trash wars’ continue as officials table action on garbage-hauling deal | Local News

WEST HAVEN – The rubbish debate continues to simmer in West Haven.

Officials in the growing city have been debating whether to sign a contract with a freight forwarder to collect waste around the city, which is likely to result in cost savings for most customers, and a decision should be made on Wednesday. After receiving updated proposals with provisions that would allow certain customers to opt out of the service, the city council put forward measures to allow members more time to review the new information.

Nina Morse, another member of the city council, is hoping for a decision at the board meeting on October 7th. However, it has been difficult at times, and the Wednesday issue filing is the second since September 2nd.

“I never thought trash was controversial, but it is. … It’s a hot topic, “Morse said on Thursday, one day after the meeting. Without a city-wide contract, West Haven residents do their own business with garbage trucks, a system some seem to prefer, although it’s usually more expensive.

At the city council meeting on September 2nd, some garbage customers complained about the lack of a provision in the various proposals for those who use large garbage bins and don’t want a traditional pick-up service. Given the amount of trash they generate, they would likely have had to pay for multiple bins, which would have increased their costs. This led to the decision to look for new proposals with opt-out provisions for such customers.

Now officials want West Haven’s new city administrator Matthew Jensen to review all information, including updated proposals, and report their findings to the city council. Jensen said he intends to deliver a “digestible” report on the issue by the October meeting.

The three bidders – Republic Services, Waste Management and Robinson Waste Services – have submitted all provisions that enable customers to independently conclude a contract for the waste container service and to deactivate the service under the city contract, if approved. Morse said the change has a minimal cost to those receiving service under the city contract, “pennies” per quarter. In either case, the cost of most would still be less than the cost of collecting trash individually.

“There are very few people who don’t want that,” said Morse. Garbage collection fees in the proposals discussed on Sept. 2, prior to filing for opt-outs, ranged from $ 28.29 to $ 32.94 every three months for a trash can, which is about a third of the cost it currently costs to be paid by some.

But enemies are out there, especially uncomfortable when it comes to empowering the city government to negotiate garbage disposal deals and take that power out of their hands, Morse said. “There are only a few people who say this is overreach for the government,” she said.

Vanderwood said West Haven residents would likely see “significant savings” on their garbage bills if the city signs a service contract, as is common practice in other Weber County’s cities. “I think it’s a good thing. That will benefit the community, ”he said.

Weber County addressed the garbage problem last spring, hiring two garbage haulage companies to handle garbage collection in residential areas in the unregistered areas of the county, primarily to cut costs for consumers.

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