Weber County contracts for trash pickup in unincorporated areas, could cut costs | Government

OGDEN – Those who live in the unincorporated corners of Weber County will be given a big break in trash servicing, district leaders say.

For the first time, the Weber County government has signed a contract with private garbage haulage companies to collect rubbish from homes in areas without legal personality, as many cities do for their residents. The change, which affects around 5,300 households and goes into effect April 1, means garbage fees are likely to come down for most.

“It just lowers the price a lot. It’ll cut the price in half, ”said Weber County’s agent Scott Jenkins, citing individual reports on the fees some carriers are now charging.

As it is, those who live outside of the county’s towns tend to contract directly with garbage haulage companies. The result is a seemingly wide range of fees that are sometimes charged for no apparent reason. “There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for the pricing,” Jenkins said.

Alternatively, district officials can achieve uniform costs for customers by drafting garbage service contracts directly with hauliers. According to Jenkins, prices will be cut sharply due to economies of scale for freight forwarders. The service, which does not include recycling collection, is only available to private customers. Commercial customers will still need to do their own business with garbage trucks, as will private customers who want a recycling service.

District officials posted a notice of the plans to affected residents on Monday and invited the public to attend the Weber County Commission meeting on February 25 for feedback. The meeting begins at 10 a.m. and will take place at the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Blvd. instead of. Comments can also be directed to the Solid Waste Director, John Watson, at [email protected] or 801-399-8806.

Under the plans, the residents of the Ogden Valley will be served by the waste management and will be charged at $ 52.38 every three months, which is $ 17.46 per month. Those in the Uintah Highlands are served by Republic Services and pay $ 43.17 per quarter or $ 14.39 per month. Those in western Weber County are also served by the republic, paying $ 45 per quarter or $ 15 per month.

The county sought and received offers for the service for each of the three regions of Waste Management, Republic and Econo Waste. The offers that were ultimately accepted by Waste Management and Republic were the best deal for customers, the lowest fees, according to Jenkins. To buy up the contracts that Econo Waste had concluded with customers in Weber County without legal personality, the county paid the company around 30,000 US dollars.

The new county contracted service is essentially mandatory and customers receive quarterly bills from their garbage truck. “The idea right now is that everyone will be charged for service,” said Sean Wilkinson, director of the county’s community and economic development department.

New customer bills include $ 11.07 quarterly administration fees to Weber County to assist in the provision of various county government services in non-legal areas. With an estimated 5,300 customers receiving the new garbage service, the fee would generate an estimated $ 235,000 per year for the county.

State law allows counties to provide such service to residents, as Wilkinson says cities often do for their residents. Summit County government officials there have contracted hauliers to handle residential garbage collection, he said.

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