We Tried Out Endy, Canada’s Favourite Mattress

In search of a better night’s sleep, we decided it was time to switch to a quality king-size mattress as we prepare to move into our first home. Endy’s mattress in a box surpassed all of our luxury bedroom dreams

After immersing myself in the surprisingly hot real estate market this fall, my husband and I became the proud owners of our first home, which we will move into in 2021. With the prospect of more space, we began to plan what each room would look like, with special attention to the bedroom. After many troubled nights in our current setup, we both agreed that this was the perfect time to upgrade to a king bed.

It can be difficult to get packages in our low-rise condominium without a concierge. So we discussed logistics, how a huge mattress can be ordered into our building without a moving truck or delivery person in our unit. Enter Endy: The mattress everyone on the internet can think about.

After a ton of research (we’re basically mattress professionals now) we learned that Endy had over 20,000 Canadian reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars and a 10 year warranty. In addition, the Product of the Year 2020 was awarded for Mattress-in-a-Box. We also really loved that Endy is made in Canada as we aim to shop locally and Canadian as we source everything we need for our new home. Our decision was a no-brainer when we heard about the 100 night trial period (where you can really make sure it’s the right mattress for you) and the bonus of free shipping to each province.

We also consulted with our close friends who recently bought one Endy mattress. They have a year old baby who spends a lot of time in bed with them, and our friends raved about how comfortable the mattress was for everyone and the quality of sleep they got. New parents who boast about the sleep they got !? That’s all we had to hear to pull the trigger.

What you can expect from the mattress

Setting up the mattress was incredibly easy and we easily took it out of the box and vacuum-sealed package. While it helped that both of us tear open the packaging, it can easily be done by one person alone. After cutting the vacuum-sealed package, we laid the mattress on our bed frame to expand – which was surprisingly quick! The instructions state that it can take several days for the mattress to become fully firm, but that it is perfectly okay to sleep on it right away. We gave it 12 hours before our first sleep. During the inflation period there was absolutely no odor or exhaust odor, which was unexpected and refreshing for a foam mattress. We learned later that Endy is not just CertiPUR-US® certified, which means that the foam itself is free of harmful chemicals, but that Endy is also the only mattress made in Canada to have received GREENGUARD Gold certification (this means that it meets the absolutely strictest international safety standards for household products) . That’s a win in our books.

While I’ve always preferred a firmer mattress than my husband, we’ve found that our new Endy mattress made a compromise with medium firmness. (After all, compromises are the key to a lifelong sleep!) We really wanted to test whether we were getting the support we needed as committed side sleepers.

The sleep attempt

The biggest (and most pleasant) surprise was that my husband’s constant movement didn’t wake me up during the night. He’s a heavy sleeper who loves to switch sides and kick in his sleep – much to the horror of a light sleeper like me! We owe the middle layer of “transition foam” to the Endy mattress for this undisturbed sleep: It ensures a gradual transfer of energy so that there is absolutely no transfer of movement when your partner rolls around – like mine often. Also, Endy’s top layer, which they call Comfort Foam, provided the support we needed for every position we slept in. As a bonus, this layer is made up of outdoor foam that kept us cool all night. Although we are both side sleepers, we sometimes switch to our backs. Even so, we were both so impressed with the comfortable padding of the mattress for every position we dozed in.

To be honest, I’m the “princess and the pea” type who takes several days to adjust to a new sleeping environment, but I enjoyed a completely uninterrupted night’s sleep on the first day. When I woke up from a deep sleep and my alarm went off, I couldn’t believe I had closed my eyes for seven hours, and I was overjoyed to sleep through to morning the following nights. “Goodbye under-eye bags!” I yelled and tossed my concealer in the trash can. (Who are we kidding, I still need that concealer.)

All in all, we are very satisfied with our heavenly new Endy mattress. The bed offers both of us a lot of support and comfort, and Endy’s elimination of motion transmission has massively changed the complete undisturbed (and much-needed) rest. At the beginning of the stressful process of packing our apartment up for the big move, we no longer have to worry because we could relax, recharge and count on a good night at the hotel at the end of each busy day.

Thank you Endy for restoring the sleep of these once tired couples and giving us the coveted seven full hours of sleep we have always dreamed of!

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