‘Veterans helping veterans’: Glen Allen man starts junk removal, repurpose franchise to help others

HANNOVER COUNTY, Va (WRIC) – A Glen Allen veteran started his own trash removal and transportation franchise to serve other veterans and those in need in the community last month during the pandemic.

Shane Manke was at Berea Baptist Church over the weekend, giving away furniture that he had picked up and repurposed to help at least two families in need.

The message behind the deal is simple: “Veterans help veterans.”

“It’s been a tremendous blessing, frankly, for the entire church,” said John Baldwin, senior pastor, Berea Baptist Church.

It’s called JDog Junk Removal and Hauling, and Manke takes old furniture he picked up and used for other purposes and returns it to veterans and then to churches to give to families in need.

Saturday – says Baldwin – was one of those times of need.

“We had two specific families who needed beds that needed some sort of dresser, so we looked around and before we even emailed or texted I suddenly got a text from them that said, hey, we did Do you know anyone who could use it? “He told 8News.

Manke says he researched companies before starting one in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Everyone is at home. They see all these projects that they have had for a long time and they stare at them day after day and they want to get this stuff done. “

Now it’s just himself, his wife, and children on the team, but Pastor Baldwin says they’ve helped seven or eight families in the past month.

“That sparked people, probably around 70 or 80 people in the church itself, who almost want to jump on board with it and say how we can help,” he said.

Manke tells 8News that as his business grows, he plans to hire veterans on his team to help.


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