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Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services

Jul 8

Commercial spaces call for more thorough cleanup than homes do. Commercial cleaning and  residential maid service companies exist to fulfill such needs.


Hiring cleaning services means costs. It gets even costlier when you pay for jobs you don’t actually need. To avoid this, know the different kinds of cleaning services.


Commercial Office Building Cleaning


This tends to cover wiping dust, picking up litter, and emptying waste bins. Floor maintenance is also included. For this service, it will be better to make a contract for weekly or monthly maintenance.


Establishments in certain industries must meet sanitation standards. Restaurants, clinics and plants are among these establishments.


If sanitation is vital in your industry, it’s only right to get cleaning services. This will help you avoid contamination issues later on.


Types Of Office Cleaning Services


Graffiti can turn off potential customers, applicants and tenants. It can reduce the value of your property as well. Another annoying thing about graffiti is that they’re hard to remove. To manage this tough job, you can outsource graffiti removal service.


Commercial spaces have a set of equipment that requires a particular upkeep. For offices, this covers computers and air conditioning units. In restaurants, there’s the dishwasher, gas range and hood to worry about. Hire pros to ensure your equipment are always in good condition.


What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Offer


Carpets don’t just collect dust. They can serve as breeding grounds for pathogens as well. Carpet stains due to spills and mold are an eyesore, too.


Carpet cleaning service helps manage the said problems. Instead of a regular vacuum cleaner, professionals use a carpet cleaner. A carpet cleaner makes use of water and detergent to remove the dust, pathogens and stains.


Janitorial Services


Window cleaning seems so simple. All you have to do is spray detergent, wash it, and wipe until dry. However, the job doesn’t feel easy when the windows are on the third floor or above.


For this job, the cleaning tools and safety gears are equally important. You’ll only need window cleaning once or twice a month. Thus, instead of buying and storing tools, you can opt to hire a cleaning company.


Most of the time, the construction company will clean after they’re done building or modifying. In case your chosen company fails to do so, you can refer to a cleaning company. The latter will collect and dispose of the mess after a construction job.


Commercial Office Cleaners


Sometimes, your place is just a wash away from enticing customers. Make sure the driveway and pathway to your space look brand new. Getting power washing service helps do the trick. This service is also essential for deck maintenance.


After knowing the kinds of commercial cleaning services, assess the different areas in your place that may need such. Check everything: the exterior, interior and even the set of equipment.