Trash-Toting Tractor-Trailer Tips On Route 46 Ramp

A garbage truck tipped over on the ramp on Route 46 to the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 80 in Ridgefield Park on Friday.

The driver escaped serious injuries, said the emergency services.

Heavy wreckage was required to repair the rig that was dumping its cargo on the roadside.


Jerry DeMarco

The ramp to the west of Route 46 was closed while workers dumped the rubbish into a roll-off container, and heavy wreckage was rigging and removing the rig.

Traffic to the west was secured for kilometers.

Traffic on Route 46 stretched for miles to the west as heavy wrecked vehicles erected the rig on the ramp to Route 80 and the NJ Turnpike in Ridgefield Park.

Robin Jacobsen-Kelly for DAILY VOICE

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