Trash-hauling service wins permission to compete with Republic Services in Missoula County | Local News

However, on September 7, L & L filed a motion to review this decision. On Tuesday, the PSC voted 3-2 in favor of issuing the certificate to operate in Missoula County.

Commissioner Bob Lake, whose district is Missoula County, voted against L & L’s permission to move rubbish here, as did Commission chairman Brad Johnson.

“We were presented with evidence in an incomplete hearing,” Lake said in a statement emailed. “It is the burden of the applicant to put together a case that demonstrates the need and ability to improve the service. Without sufficient evidence and without trying to advocate, he must put together a case that proves he is doing something better will bring. ” to the community. “

Commissioners Roger Koopman, Commission Vice-Chair Travis Kavulla and Commissioner Tony O’Donnell agreed to approve the application.

“The law that we have to enforce puts a very heavy burden on any new company trying to enter a monopolized garbage handling market,” said Koopman. “At the same time, regulators must be willing to view such cases from a competition and freedom perspective, and to take seriously the apparent public benefits of competition and choice over a company’s protectionism. The records show that L&L does The Commission’s repeal of the earlier decision is good news for all Missoula consumers who value their right to vote. “

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