Trash Hauling Continues | Coronavirus

PLATTSBURGH – Ronnie Rinn and his son Jason Rinn have found it a little more interesting to pick up trash these days.

“We try to keep our distance from customers, but we don’t see too many when we’re out anyway,” said Ronnie Rinn, owner of R. Rinn Light Hauling in Plattsburgh.

“We are careful.”

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many businesses closing as health officials tried to contain the spread of the virus.

Garbage transportation, along with a list of other companies, was deemed essential for Rinn and his contemporaries to continue on their routes.

Rinn said most of the trash they pick up is in tied bags so they don’t have to worry too much about getting infected with loose trash.

Much of it is on the side of the road for easy pickup.

“We always wear gloves anyway. It’s mandatory,” he said.

“Most of it is all tied up and tidy, but every now and then we get a mess and we have to be careful.”

According to Rinn, customers were good at disposing of their trash and keeping their distance.

“We respect and take care of ourselves, but it hasn’t been such a big deal so far,” he said.

“Jason and I talked about it and nobody seems to be panicking.”

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