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Editor’s Note: The following questions and answers were submitted by Cumberland Environmental Specialist Raquel Ketterman and Allison Layton.

Winter has set in and so far it has been pretty mild. Bad weather can affect the City of Cumberland’s garbage and recycling services. To find out if your collection route is compromised on an icy or snowy day, you can use a variety of options:

• For more information on interrupt updates, see the News and Announcements section on our home page (

• In order to be informed automatically, residents can also register for the “Notify” service to receive an e-mail or a text about pick-up interruptions. Click Notify Me on the main web page, select Cumberland News and Curbside Recycling Schedule and register your information.

• Updates will be posted on the city’s Facebook page:

• You can also call Burgmeier’s Hauling on 301-777-0416. 2402 or the City of Cumberland at 301-759-6604 for more information.

If your trash / recycle collection is affected by a disruption from bad weather, please return your trash / recycle to your property. Put all of the accumulated trash on your next trash day and continue recycling according to the regular recycling schedule.

Aside from the weather-related questions, we recently received variations on these questions from several people and wanted to bring them up here for everyone’s information.

Q: Why do my recycling and garbage collection times vary every week?

A: There are many aspects that will affect your pickup time and that can depend on things like the volume of waste / recycling generated on a given day. A prime example would be a pickup day after a business interruption where more rubbish and recycling is thrown out than usual, causing trucks to fill up faster.

As these trucks fill up faster, they need to be emptied more frequently, and while the process is streamlined, a truck needs to come in and take over while the collection truck drives to the landfill. The more of these switches there are, the more time is required for this recording day.

Depending on how full the trucks are at the end of each collection day, they may need to be emptied at the landfill as soon as it opens the next morning, causing a slight delay in collection times.

Garbage collection can start as early as 5 a.m. Therefore, put down your bins, cans and garbage bags beforehand.

Q: How can I best prepare my mixed paper recycling for collection?

A: Simply empty, flatten and fold all boxes. Make sure they are folded no more than 24 inches (2 feet). Then use string, string, tape, etc. to bundle your boxes and other papers together.

The reason for the size restriction is the recycling collection opening of the trucks. Also, boxes of all sizes must be dismantled to make room for recycling for everyone in the truck’s recycling area.

The reason mixed papers should be bundled is because they are secured against gust winds.

Q: Can I recycle my mixed paper in bad weather?

A: Definitely. Please deposit your mixed bundles of paper on your second collection day per week in rain or shine. Damp mixed paper bundles will continue to be recycled.

If you have any questions or concerns about recycling or garbage collection on your routes, please contact Raquel Ketterman at 301-759-6604.

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