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Monthly solid waste and recycling fees will increase by $ 2 per month starting July 1, and incrementally increasing 2 percent each subsequent year.

After Newton City Council members signed a five-year collection and disposal contract with Dodds Trash Hauling & Recycling, Inc. on Monday, they approved a motion to change the collection and disposal fee schedule.

Instead of charging $ 12 per unit per month, residents must pay $ 14 per unit per month for collection and disposal services.

By the end of fiscal year 2025, the fee will adjust to $ 15.16 per unit per month.

The city’s contract with Dodds Trash Hauling & Recycling also expired in late June. City officials claim that the local waste disposal service “has provided our community with quality service and has done so for several decades for a reasonable fee” with “very few complaints”.

However, the operating costs have outweighed the current fee schedule.

Between the changes in tip fees at Newton Sanitary Landfill, the increased disposal costs for recyclables, and the higher prices for items like leaf sacks and garbage bags, current fees no longer cover all costs associated with the solid waste and recycling budget.

Dodds Trash Hauling & Recycling provides citywide trash and recycling collection services to residents of Newton, Kellogg, Lambs Grove, and Oakland Acres. The waste disposal service also provides commercial and residential waste and recycling services for rural Jasper County.

Dave Dodd of Dodds Trash Hauling & Recycling thanked the city council for allowing the family business to serve Newton over the years.

“And I hope you see that we want to keep doing this,” he said. “We are grateful for the opportunity to do this.”

City Council members have estimated Dodd’s Trash Hauling & Recycling’s response time to any issues. Councilor Randy Ervin also praised the business owners for helping the community.

“From school to the United Way to the YMCA, they’ve always given back to the community,” said Ervin. “I’m glad to see we have the opportunity to continue working with Dodd.”

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