Town council serves notice to remove furniture placed at Yishun void deck for ‘personal use’

The city council, following feedback from a resident, delivered a notice about the removal of tables and chairs on the empty deck of 620 Yishun Ring Road.

Stomper GeorgeThe resident of the estate was surprised to see people using the furniture to gather on the empty deck.

He said: “I notice the strange sight on the empty deck when I pass this block at night after work.”

George said that since this had happened “in the past few weeks,” he decided to take pictures on Thursday (November 19) and show them to Stomp.

He said to Stomp, “Below the block is a small lot with an enclosed garden. Lots of chairs are stacked in the garden, and even an office table and chairs happened to pop up next to the garden in the middle of the empty deck, along with personal times.

“Now, when I walk past the block between 8:00 and 9:00 pm, I see a large gathering of the same people occupying these chairs and tables in groups of at least six to eight people. They are sitting in close proximity, some talking openly to one another without masks .

“This has become a daily affair regardless of Covid-19 regulations. The last time I came over there were six chairs and now there are twelve.

“The question is, is setting up tables and chairs and whipping the empty deck an abuse of public space that does not benefit anyone other than their personal use?”

George noticed that “many” chairs were already installed on the empty deck.

He added, “I believe this is setting a false precedent. It is absurd to see people marking their ‘territory’ on the empty deck by setting up tables and chairs to create their own meeting room.”

In response to a stomp request, a spokesman for Nee Soon city council replied that he had done a review and delivered a notice to remove the tables and chairs.

The spokesman added, “Given the current COVID-19 measures, we seek understanding and cooperation among residents in maintaining their personal and public well-being.”

Members of the public are also encouraged to report violations of safe distancing measures through the OneService app.

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