TikTok Shares Hack To Remove Spilt Paint From Carpet

One woman showed what shThis is the perfect way to get color off a carpet.

And she put her money where her mouth is by getting her husband to pour a fresh gush of paint right over the carpet to show us how to do it.

Did anyone else gasp when they poured that paint?

Tick ​​tock Users Kaytee Haas (@ Kayteehaas) shared the ‘hack’ she says saved her carpets when she spilled paint on the carpets in her new home last week.

Posting on Tick ​​tock, She wrote: “You may need to save this.

“You couldn’t use this today or tomorrow, but I never thought I’d need this until about a week ago wWhen that happened to me in ours Brand new House.

“I got paint on the floor and I was literally crying. I thought we had to throw the whole house away!”

Photo credit: TikTok / @ kayteehaas

However, she said her husband could save the day the idea occurred to him.

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She added, “My husband came up with this whole idea – and if you don’t have a carpet cleaner, this is for you.

“All you need is hot water. Scrape it off at the beginning – all the excess – and then pour hot water on it and vacuum it with a deal.”Vac and check this out … it looks like a brand New.”

In the clip the man can be seen pouring out something pale.coloured Paint on the carpet before scraping off as much of it as you can with a couple of wall scrapers.

Then he tips hot water from a bucket onto the paint and begins to close vacuum over the area.

He repeats this process a few times until the color disappears completely, as if by magic.

Photo credit: TikTok / @ kayteehaasPhoto credit: TikTok / @ kayteehaas

Fair play, he did a good job there – I thought the carpet was done.

Kaytee went on to explain to her followers that her husband had previously removed the filter from the vacuum to prevent clogging, and also warned that it would not work with non-water-soluble paints.

Someone else pointed out that this won’t work with any old vacuum cleaner either. You need to make sure you have a fairly powerful wet / dry vacuum.

If you want my opinionIt is best to avoid spilling paint on your gaff.

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