Throw some furniture when Moving Out launches this April

I never enjoyed the actual excerpt. All the packing and organizing and cleaning, then unpacking, ugh. Luckily, undressing doesn’t make you turn any real life junk – instead, you run around as a wobbly little moving guy throwing boxes and tables into your truck without worrying about tearing some doors down or putting valuables on the world wide Bring market to a pool.

I played Moving Out on EGX last year and it’s an absolute mess – and you’ll be able to see it all for yourself when it comes out on April 28th.

The chaos of teamwork you have to do in this game reminds me a lot of Overcooked. You can step in with up to four players in local co-op (or solo if you prefer) to help the Packmore townspeople move out of their beautiful (or ruined, if that’s done) homes.

There was a level that I played where I and the other movers had to get a sofa and some chairs behind a haunted piano that would eat us up if we got too close. We threw the furniture out the window (duh, we were on a tight schedule) to quickly bypass the possessed instrument, only to fall straight into a ghost patrolling below. It was great.

Ah, I found a screenshot of the level! These people seem to escape the ghost better than I do.

The game has a range of accessibility features such as “increased time limits, dyslexic friendly text, rebinding of the keyboard on the PC, the ability to skip levels and a sliding scale for the user interface size”. And the developers have also added a lot of character customization options: “From hijabs to glasses to wheelchairs, players can realize their furniture removal dreams in a style that perfectly represents them.”

Moving Out launches on April 28th on Steam as well as on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Overcooked 2 (also published by Team17) recently received a Lunar New Year update with all new levels and recipes to try out.

For those of you who want to enjoy a more relaxed moving situation, packing the rest of your belongings in your old apartment on itch on the last day may be more your style. Or check out Unpacking, a puzzle game about finding space for all of your belongings in a new home.

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