This modular cat tower is an understated design that blends in with your furniture!

It may be impossible to find towers for your pet cat that will match the rest of the furniture in your living room. Carpeted perches are frayed or scratched, and soon everyone will be wearing a top layer of fur – this can be a thorn in the side as part of an otherwise polished interior. To create a nifty cat tower that would fit in most living rooms, Jiyoun Kim Studio designed Three Poles, a modular piece of cat furniture that combines the feel of hardwood craftsmanship with refined and minimalist furnishings.

The Jiyoung Kim Studio was designed so that cats and humans can live together in the same living space. The goal was to create three poles using durable building materials and elegant color schemes. Each three-pole frame is made of round birch plywood and three metal rods and is removable. It can be configured between the three perches to create perches that your cat can either rest or play on.

As a homage to the classic cat tower, which was completely covered with beige carpet, Three Poles have plush carpets on three frames, its base and the scratching post. Then the additional scaffolding is made from birch plywood supported by three metal rods that are the same brown shade as the plywood. One of the scaffolding consists of a cat bed that can be removed and placed on the floor to act as a traditional cat bed for napping after playing.

Jiyoun Kim Studio created three poles for those who live with cats to have a cat tower that blends seamlessly with the rest of their indoor furniture. Three Poles dispenses with plastic material for plywood and a whimsical design for a reduced look. It’s an endless source of playtime for your pet cat without compromising the sophisticated look of your living space.

Designer: Jiyoun Kim Studio

With modular scaffolding, each perch can be removed and attached to three poles to configure it according to your cat’s needs.

Hanging bells provide your cat with a thrilling sensory experience to hold on to and play with.

A carpeted scratching post gives your cat the opportunity to sharpen its claws and use some energy.

The removable frame doubles as a cat bed.

The tiered cat tower provides your cat with plenty of perches to climb and rest on when playtime is up.

The design of this cat tower, which is formed between three poles, is restrained and refined.

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