This Flowery Branch man fights fires in his day job and runs a junk removal business on the side

When he’s not hauling trash or fighting fires, he’s doing CrossFit.

“Ultimately, the most important thing for me is my crew, so I try to stay in the best possible shape,” said Dorminy.

Firefighter Tony Pardinas, who has worked with Dorminy since its inception, said it was easier to stay in shape.

On a recent job in Suwanee, the two chairs lifted over their heads and moved cumbersome wooden furniture through a back yard to their truck.

“Some days it’s a lot worse than a fire job, especially in the homes on Lake Lanier that have hills that go all the way to the end,” Dorminy said.

From the calls they handled, Pardinas said it could range from removing a TV to cleaning an entire room.

“We had jobs that are – people said they hadn’t been in a particular room since Christmas 1980, so we go in there and clean it up,” Pardinas said.

Speaking of caring for his family, Dorminy said it gave them “things I could never dream of four years ago”.

“It gave us more freedom, more time at home. It has helped us financially in getting things that a firefighter and a teacher would otherwise never be able to do, ”he said.

For Pardinas, this means they don’t have to pinch a cent.

“If I only made a living from the fire department, I could pay for the basics and that would be it. Working with Dorminy on trash cleanup definitely makes life easier (and more comfortable), ”he said.

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