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ALPENA, me. – It’s time to unload all the trash in your basement but before you take anything to the dumpster, think twice about whether to throw it away. Alpena Resource would like to restore part of it.

“If people just stopped and thought – almost anything you want to throw away is actually recyclable,” said Stan Mischley, manager of resource restoration for Alpena.

Rubicon, a recycling solutions company, says product packaging accounts for a third of all waste in the United States. Four years ago, Alpena Resource Recovery transported 700 bins worth of recyclable waste, and the number is growing.

“People recycle,” said Mischley.

It takes 1,000 pounds of empty milk jugs to turn them into a plastic hanger. When the deposits are dispatched, the plastic can be converted into additional milk jugs and food containers. You would be surprised. 25 percent of what Americans throw in the trash can’t be recycled.

“Their main misconception is that we can recycle anything,” said supervisor Brad Mousseau. “So throw everything in the trash, like styrofoam.”

For garbage that they cannot accept, the recycling plant is ready to do something about it twice a year with the Electronic Recycling Day (April 27th) and the Clean-Up Day (May 4th). “It makes it convenient for residents to recycle,” said Mischley.

Mousseau said, “As for the whole of the throwaway society – people get rid of it, toss it in their trash, and think it’s gone. You never have to worry about it. “

According to Mousseau, the garbage is never really gone. It’s just dumped in a deep landfill.

“It’s very simple,” said Mischley. “When you recycle, don’t put it in the ground.

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