These WOW cups saved my furniture and my sanity

After I had a child, something strange happened: suddenly objects that were important from a distance (clothes, furniture, cats) were covered with stains. Spills became just another daily occurrence, like repeated breathing or saying “no” repeatedly. Even something as harmless as water was annoying; If you sit down on what appears to be a dry sofa and find that it turns into a damp puddle, you don’t want to start your day.

My husband and I were looking for a product that could contain my young son’s drink of choice. (Usually water or milk, and why didn’t anyone tell me before parenting that milk is basically duct tape if it doesn’t cleanse in five seconds?) Nothing we bought seemed to work until we hit that Magic came across, which is the WOW Cup.

Wow Cup for Children Original 360 Sippy Cup –

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I don’t remember how we found out about the WOW products. Maybe we saw an advertisement, or a friend told us about it, or a fairy whispered her name in my ear while I was sleeping – everything is plausible. All I know is that when my son was around two years old, he gave him his first WOW mug, and our lives – and household items – have improved dramatically since then.

Here’s why it’s so amazing: The WOW gearbox has an innovative valve that only opens when the user takes a sip. When not in use, the valve remains closed and prevents liquid from spilling into the cup. You can literally fill the cup with a drink, turn it upside down, and nothing will splash out. (Trust me. I’ve tried.)

According to the WOW website, the company was founded by a group of designers from the US and Norway who wanted to “create a range of functional and fashionable drinking cups for children and adults that would be free from spills, worries and problems.” free. “In my opinion, they did it, and some more.

There are several levels of WOW cups, from drinking cups for babies to sports bottles for adults. We started with the original WOW cup, a training cup for kids who switch from drinking cups to more “big kid” items. The plastic cups are small enough for small hands, but have the WOW valve to prevent drinks from spilling. We used this version of the mug every day for about four years. And even though my son is older now, he still uses the cup portion (without valve) during meals. (The plastic cup is practically indestructible. I’m pretty sure we can pass it on to my future grandchildren in decades.)

When he was old enough, we moved on to the WOW Kids 360 Sports Water Bottle, a 10-ounce, double-walled, insulated stainless steel container that keeps drinks colder longer and, as you guessed it, uses the amazing valve to keep contents from spilling . This is the mug my son still uses; He loves the design and it’s easy enough for him to take the cap off and refill the bottle himself when he has to.

Wow Kids 360 Sports Water Bottle –

15.99Shopping now

As he gets older we will try to get him one of the bigger WOW products. His current water bottle has a 13.5 ounce. Option, and there’s a slimmer, slimmer 22 ounce. Design for teenagers and adults that comes in different colors.

WOW GEAR 360 Double Wall Stainless Insulated Water Bottle –

29.99Shopping now

The bottles are inexpensive, especially considering how long they last, and they are sold at several retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Buy Buy Baby. The original WOW mug retails for $ 5.95 to $ 8.99, and the Kids Sports Water Bottle is currently $ 15.99. Occasionally, after a few years of use, the valve may loosen and may need to be replaced. However, new valves can be purchased on the company’s website for $ 2.50.

Thanks to this innovative product, my sofa, clothes and cats are drier. And all I can say is, “Wow!”

Sandra Ebejer lives in New York State with her husband, son and two cats who have not figured out how to get along. Her work has been published in the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Writer’s Digest, and Shondaland, among others. Read more at

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