These furniture pieces will encourage you to exercise

Check out these pieces that are ideal for apartments

Amsterdam-based design studio HO-TT has envisioned a range of conceptual furniture that can be transformed into exercise equipment. The range, entitled Furfit, comprises five parts – a coffee table, a cloakroom, a side table, a high seat and two stools – that also serve as home fitness equipment.

Double duty

“The idea for Furfit came to my partner Saba Nabavi Tafreshi and me during the first few months of the coronavirus lockdown. Since we lived in a typically Dutch apartment, there was not enough space to exercise and we thought about how we could upgrade our living room and actively use the pieces of furniture that otherwise restricted our movements. The range is a way of converting limitations into potential and simply achieving more with less, ”explains Luca Beltrame, co-founder of HO-TT.

Multifunctional and minimal design

The pieces with the titles Herakles, Paeonaeus, Epimedes, Iasius and Idas are minimal in design and have a high function. The Heracles coffee table has legs that can function as five pairs of dumbbells weighing between two and five kilograms. The weight of the dumbbells is indicated by their color and diameter, which are visible from the table top. The Iasius high seat can be used as a curling dumbbell by turning it on its side. Its curvy handle adds an extra decorative element. The pegs in the Epimedes coat rack also serve as light dumbbells in the range of 0.5 to two kilograms. The top of the Idas side table can be removed to make a kettlebell. Finally, the Paeonaeus chair duo can be laid flat on the floor to be used as push-ups.

Easy to use

Each part consists of a simple system of screws that can be used to add or remove parts to change the function of the object. “The screw system follows the traditional mechanism for loading and unloading weights from fitness equipment, namely bolts and screws. For ease of use, a comfortable grip and aesthetics, we have enlarged the thread size and cut it out of the shaft volume of the dumbbells. On the coffee table, the mechanism is implemented clockwise and counterclockwise in each pair of dumbbells, creating a neutralizing impulse that keeps the surface stable, ”adds Beltrame.

Currently, the Furfit collection is completely conceptual. However, the design studio is hoping to find a manufacturing partner with the aim of launching the collection at Milan Design Week next year.

“We believe the pandemic was an accelerator for different ways of life that existed before the pandemic and will continue to exist in the future. Working from home won’t go away, and neither will home exercise. At the same time, apartments in our cities are not getting any bigger. The more cities have densified, the more it becomes clear that we cannot afford to leave unused space. As our homes evolve to accommodate different activities in less and less space, so must our furniture. We believe that the multifunctionality of spaces and objects is essential, ”concludes Beltrame.


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