The urge to clean prompts a spike in business for junk haulers in the Ozarks


The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated business for some and reduced clutter for others. With many people tidying up their garages, attics, and basements, garbage transportation services have been in great demand.

Jeremiah Yamdogo owns a local janitorial and garbage disposal company called Pack-Haul Junk Removal and Moving Services. He said Pack-Hauls Junk Removal was more profitable, faster, and less complicated than its depot services. He added that it was the best year for the company yet, with August and September being the busiest.

“When families and children go to school, they just try to clean up to do whatever,” said Yamdogo. “So they try to do everything when school starts, so everyone cleaned up because they wanted us to come and get their rubbish.”

Christopher Vinson is the driver for Pack Haul; and has worked with Yamdogo for almost a decade. At the start of the pandemic, he switched to pack haul trash. Vinson stated that it was just a shift in customers at first, but now business has grown by more than fifty percent.

Vinson said they take dozens of calls and orders for pickup services in the Ozarks every day. Despite the increased customer volume, they can safely meet all of their customers’ needs. He said they were also able to work with customers on affordable prices because they understand the difficulties people might face during the pandemic.

Vinson said the hustle and bustle hadn’t let up between the long drives through the Ozarks and the endless pickups.

“It just takes time with a lot of this stuff because some people have a lot of things, all under the sun, they’re just trying to get rid of it,” Vinson said.

Yamdogo and Vinson said popular items that people get rid of are couches, appliances, and mattresses.

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