The Brellavi Pet Hair Remover Brush Cleans Furniture and Clothing

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Those of us with pets love to have our furry friends around, but that doesn’t mean their fur should live on every surface in our homes. If you’ve had a shedding dog or cat, you’ve known the struggle to keep your sofa, carpets, and clothes hairless. Fortunately, Amazon buyers have found a solution: the Brellavi Pet Hair Remover Brush Kit.

With a travel-size brush, a standard-size brush, and a self-cleaning base, this pet hair removal kit makes it easy to remove fur from carpets, bedding, furniture, pillows, car seats, and clothing. To use it, all you need to do is find the white arrow on the top handle of the brush. Run the brush over the hair-covered surface in the direction indicated. Once the brush is filled with fur and dust, dip it into the included base and it will come out clean.

“This product does an amazing job of collecting fur and hair,” wrote one reviewer. “My sofa looks like I just vacuumed it when I was using this product. I also love that it comes in a suitcase instead of an ugly sticky roller with hair stuck to it. “

Many reviewers also mentioned that this pet hair removal brush replaces the need for a lint roller and reduces the amount of waste it produces. “This has replaced the Costco pack of fluff rollers. It’s environmentally friendly and effective, ”wrote one reviewer.

Another buyer mentioned that this brush works just as well on clothing as it does on fabric and furniture. “I can remove all animal hair from my clothes with just a few swipes. I also love that it is a travel size that is perfect for traveling or for getting out of the car. “

If your pet shed, don’t let their fur take over your home and life. In just a few minutes, this pet hair removal brush will remove lint and fur from your home and clothing. As one reviewer wrote, it’s a “must have for dog owners”. Buy the kit below.

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