The BISSELL HydroWave carpet cleaner is now on sale on Amazon for £100 off

Customers rave about how this BISSELL HydroWave carpet cleaner delivers professional results – and it’s now £ 100 off on Amazon

We’ve all spent more time at home in the past year than ever before. So chances are your carpets have seen better days.

Vacuum cleaners can only do so much by removing surface grime and grime. So if you want to tackle stubborn stains, ground-in dirt, and pet hair, you have to pull out the big guns. Enter the BISSELL HydroWave Carpet Cleaner.

The powerful carpet cleaner promises much more than just removing dust and dirt. With ten rows of bristles, it cleans deep into carpet fibers and removes the vacuum cleaner that is left behind. Buyers were seriously impressed, with one even claiming it cleaned better than a professional cleaner. Better still, it’s now on sale for £ 100 off Amazon, reduced to £ 149.

The Bissell HydroWave Carpet Cleaner is available now with a £ 100 discount off the MSRP on Amazon, which has been reduced to just £ 149

If your carpets look scruffy with tea stains, embedded dirt, or pet dander, this powerful carpet cleaner can breathe new life into them and even restore them to their new state.

The cleaner is equipped with functions that allow you to thoroughly clean your carpets without any problems. First, the motorized XL brush roller with ten rows of bristles actively loosens and removes dirt from carpets for thorough cleaning.

For stubborn stains like tea or wine, you can use the CleanShot, which pre-treats stains and stains before cleaning to make removal easier.

It’s surprisingly nimble too. Thanks to the foldable handle, the HydroWave is easy to carry and does not require a lot of storage space. Far more compact than many other carpet cleaning designs, it’s especially easy to use, especially on stairs, so no area is left untouched.

The BISSELL HydroWave is also quite versatile, offering two cleaning modes: express and deep cleaning mode. In the Express Clean mode, you can give your carpets a blast and let them dry in about 30 minutes. This is especially helpful when you have last minute visitors.

The CleanShot spray serves as a pre-treatment to remove stubborn stains The carpet cleaner is light and nimble and is also great for stairs

The carpet cleaner has two cleaning modes: Express and deep cleaning mode – In the express cleaning mode, your carpets are clean and dry in approx. 30 minutes

And buyers are very impressed, leaving rave reviews for the powerful carpet cleaner. An enthusiastic buyer wrote on Amazon: “A brilliant cleaner that cleans better than a professional cleaner. I have a dog with long hair and it worked wonders. It is light and easy to store. Very easy to clean after use. ‘

Another customer added: “It’s fantastic that my lounge rug looks like new and the stain cleaner saves me the trouble of getting down on my knees, best purchase in a long time.”

A third wrote, “This carpet cleaner was about half the price of a professional cleaner, and I think it did a better job. The carpets look as good as new again and all with really little effort. ‘

They continued: “I am amazed at how effective this Bissell carpet cleaner is – dirty carpets are clean again and everything is so easy to do. Really fun to use as you can see the carpets get cleaner when you use it. ‘

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