The best mattress in a box in Australia 2021

While traditionally there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge and investing in a new mattress, including brand, firmness, and delivery, the mattress in a box offers a no-hassle alternative that doesn’t require endless trips to furniture stores.

Instead, they offer easy setup and a won’t lose sleep on price. It’s almost too good to be true. In fact, they became so popular that Kmart came on board and released their own version.

Despite being box-sized, the mattresses come in a variety of sizes and are usually made of memory foam or latex. They are vacuum sealed to fit in and go from box to bed by expanding in just a few minutes.

They say a good night’s sleep is only a mattress away, and when it’s time to upgrade why not try a mattress in a box? We’ve rounded up the best bed-in-a-box options for Australia below.

1. Koala

Koala bear

If you’ve heard of a boxed mattress brand, it has to be this one. Since the introduction of the memory foam mattress, the brand has developed pillows, sheets, bed frames and most recently a range of furniture.

The mattress has an open-cell structure that allows air to circulate and is medium firm with a removable, washable cover. This mattress has a price tag between $ 750 and $ 1,250 and garnered over three thousand reviews averaging 4.5. If that’s not enough to make your next mattress a top contender, the 10-year warranty or 120-night trial will do the trick.

2. Ecosa

ecosa mattress and box

This squishy-soft memory foam mattress has been developed to support the natural alignment of your spine. It has adjustable firmness so that you can wake up fresh every morning. The mattress also has pincore holes that allow for built-in air circulation.

Prices range from $ 799 to $ 1,499. Once you’ve gotten through the 100 night trial and are fully committed, you may want to pick up a few other items from the collection, including a bed base, side table, silk quilt, and pillows.

3. Emma

Couple sitting in bed


This mattress designed in Germany consists of three layers of natural premium foam and has seven zone areas for pressure relief and body support. With 22 international awards, this trendy mattress is a must. Prices start at $ 700 and go up to $ 1,200.

4. Sleeping duck

Layers in the mattress

Sleeping duck

Co-founded by an aerospace engineer, Sleeping Duck has combined materials science with aerospace engineering to create an advanced mattress with an anti-gravity surface foam. This innovative addition came about when they discovered a new method of foam production that could be used to finely tune the parameters for softness and mobility. The mattress was named Choice’s Best Mattress for three years and costs between $ 999 and $ 1,799.

5. Eve

Eva mattress on bed frame


This gel memory foam mattress regulates temperature with millions of gel beads and the company’s own patented technology. Eva covers all bases with free next-day delivery, a 120-night trial and a 12-year guarantee. Prices range from $ 600 to $ 1,000.

6. Noa Home

Man sitting on mattress

Noa home

Ever since this Canadian brand entered the Australian market, they have received rave reviews down under. While it sells all kinds of essential furniture including couches, rugs, and beds, it’s the mattresses that we love. Made from latex, a cooling gel memory foam, and pocket springs, this affordable mattress costs a maximum of $ 899 from $ 499. This makes it the cheapest option on the list.

7. Hugo

Woman sitting on mattress on the floor


Enjoy a lazy Sunday binge of Netflix on this cozy Australian mattress. What can you dislike with a mix of natural latex, contouring memory foam, and high-density support foam with free shipping, a three-month trial, and a 10-year warranty? Prices range from $ 695 to $ 1,095.

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