The Best Bear Mattress Features, Pros & Cons

Bear Mattress is a family-run company that makes mattresses and other sleeping aids in the United States. They have positioned themselves as a niche brand for mattresses and are aimed at athletes and highly active people.

Bear prides itself on making quality mattresses that help you sleep well. They get high marks for comfort and longevity from sports enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and anyone looking for a good night’s sleep.

The foam in bear mattresses is certified according to CertiPUR-US for safety reasons.

According to users, bear mattresses have a long lifespan and retain their strength for many years. There have been no reports of cracks, lumps, or sagging.

Bear mattresses may not support all sizes, however.

Because bear mattresses are sold by multiple retailers, the return experience will vary.

What is Celliant?

Bär uses Celliant, a performance textile, in its mattress covers. In particular, the textile is polyethylene terephthalate, which contains optically active particles. These particles scatter and reflect visible and near infrared light or heat.

According to the manufacturer of Celliant, the textile absorbs body heat and converts it into infrared energy, which promotes blood circulation and oxygen supply.

A 2009 study suggests that a garment made with Celliant can help relieve pain and heal wounds.

The concept behind placing Celliant in mattresses is that it helps muscle recovery, but research is needed.

Bear makes three mattresses, from Twin to California King. For this article, we’ve compared prices for their standard queen size mattresses, which range from $ 800 to $ 1,390. We stated the price as:

  • $ = under $ 1,000
  • $$ = over $ 1,000

All bear mattresses are made and sourced in the USA. The foam in every mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and meets strict environmental standards. This means that they have a low VOC content (emissions of volatile organic compounds) and contain no materials such as lead, phthalates or mercury.

Bear mattresses feel medium to medium firm. According to the manufacturer, all three mattresses offer support for the spine and are suitable for side, back, stomach and mixed sleepers.

Bear hybrid

  • Price: $$
  • Height: 14 inches

The Bear Hybrid mattress consists of a combination of foam and individually coated coils. It offers medium support and is the softest of all bear mattresses. It is rated 6.1 on a strength scale, with 10 being the toughest.

Key Features

In addition to its CertiPUR-US certification, The Bear Hybrid also received Greenguard Gold certification for high air quality standards and low chemical emissions.

With four layers of foam, a coil layer and a quilted fabric cushion, the Hybrid is the highest bear mattress. An underlying gel foam layer is supposed to keep the mattress cooler.

Critics say that motion transmission is very limited, which makes it a good choice for couples.


Some reviewers say this mattress takes a while to collapse and it feels firmer than expected upon delivery.

Because the top layer is very comfortable, it may not provide enough neck support for stomach sleepers.

It can also have too much sink for people with larger bodies or couples who both weigh over 200 pounds.

Buy the Bear Hybrid mattress online.

Bear Pro

  • Price: $$
  • Height: 12 inches

The Bear Pro is a medium-firm foam mattress with a rank of 6.5 on a firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. This mattress offers medium-firm support, which studies have shown is optimal for aligning the spine and reducing back pain.

Key Features

The Bear Pro has a cover and four layers, including copper infused and gel foam layers.

Critics say this mattress has good edge support and feels like a light hug. Some people also report reduced back pain after sleeping on the Bear Pro.


Some reviewers note that this mattress feels more firm than medium firm.

Buy the Bear Pro mattress online.

Bear mattress

  • Price: $
  • Height: 10 inches

The original bear mattress is a medium-firm foam mattress with a rank of 7.2 on a firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. It is the firmest and shortest bear mattress. It’s also the cheapest bear mattress.

The original bear mattress is available in a special size for motorhomes.

Key Features

The original bear mattress consists of three layers of foam and a top layer.

A gel foam layer is supposed to keep the foam cooler. Of the three bear mattresses, the original offers the least amount of cooling.

Critics say this mattress is firm and has good edge support. Based on reviews, side sleepers can enjoy the contouring capabilities and comfortable feel of this mattress.

Some stomach sleeper customer reviews say this mattress provides a firm, comfortable sleeping experience.


This memory foam mattress is wrap-around and can be too warm for a couple or for those weighing over 200 pounds.

Some reviewers say this mattress is even firmer than hoped, even after a month.

Buy the bear mattress online.

Bear receives significantly more enthusiastic than negative reviews, especially from runners and athletes of various types.

Bear is a relatively small company with staff who are easily accessible and available to provide customer support. It is easy to get help over the phone.

Bear Mattress, LLC is rated A by the Better Business Bureau.

Snapshot of customer ratings

  • Reviewers frequently mention reduced back, hip, and knee pain with all three bear mattresses.
  • Some customers rave about the strength and support of the spine, others say the Bear Pro and the original bear mattress feel too firm even after 30 days.
  • People mention waking up fresh and rested.
  • Reviews often quote superior customer service.


Bear mattresses are compressed, packed and delivered to your door. Once removed from the packaging, it will take 24 to 48 hours to reach full size.

Bear mattresses have minimal to no new mattress odor.

Customers mention that they have to wait several weeks for the Bear Hybrid to be delivered.

Individuals who purchase mattresses through the Bear website and wish to exchange or return them can do so during the 100 night sleep attempt. However, the replacement mattress is not suitable for the trial period and cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund.

Returns are free of charge during the 100 night sleep attempt. Bear donates used mattresses to local charities whenever possible and does not sell them.

Bear mattresses weigh 60 to 100 pounds and can be difficult to lift and move. Adding movable straps to your mattress can make the process easier.

Online shop for movable belts.

Bear mattresses can be exchanged or returned after 30 days during the 100-night trial period at no additional cost. This policy can be followed by retailers. However, it is important to check each store’s specific return policy before purchasing.

A worn mattress can lead to body pain and uncomfortable sleep.

Bear Mattress makes three mattresses that provide spinal support and cool sleep.

If you want to try out your mattress in person, bear mattresses are available from limited retail stores in several states.

You can also buy your bear mattress online. They offer a 100 night sleep sample and easy returns or exchanges if you don’t enjoy your new mattress.

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