The 5 Best Carpet Deodorizers

Whether it’s smoke, pets, food odors, mildew, or something else, the best carpet deodorants remove unwanted odors instead of just covering them up – and when choosing, make sure they have a scent that is comfortable for you. Also consider the cleaning method that is easiest for you and your home.

Carpet deodorants usually come in three different forms, the most common of which is a powder. Powders are sprinkled over your carpets, absorbing or combating the odors in question and then vacuumed. Reviewers tend to love them because they are quick, easy, and effective. You can also opt for a spray (specifically an enzyme-based spray) that is ideal for spot cleaning as it breaks down stains and odors at the source and completely removes all traces – even down to an animal’s sensitive nose. Lastly, you can buy a concentrated carpet shampoo that will effectively clean the carpets in your home thoroughly when used with a carpet cleaner.

The five carpet deodorants listed below are designed to remove unwanted odors. They are available in a wide variety of fragrances. You can find at least one in every consistency. They’re also broken down into price per ounce so you can get an idea of ​​its value. The overall size also helps ensure that you have enough products to get the job done.

1. The best value

With over 4,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, it’s clear that Glade’s carpet deodorant will fit most people – but it’s the price that’s really worth writing your home about. Since you can get a six-pack of 32-ounce bottles for less than $ 20, each ounce will cost you about a dime. Simply sprinkle the powder evenly over your carpet. After a few minutes, it removes odors from all kinds of sources (pets, powdery mildew, and smoke) and then you can just soak it all up.

  • Scent: clean linen or bright berries
  • Price per ounce: $ 0.10
  • Consistency: powder

One reviewer wrote: “This is the best stuff ever. I couldn’t believe you got 6 bottles for the price. I sprinkle before I vacuum my floors and the smell just lingers around the house. I love this stuff.”

2. A popular powder carpet deodorant for pets

If you have pets, Arm & Hammer’s Pet Fresh odor remover has been specially developed to safely and thoroughly remove unwanted odors from your carpets. With the help of OxiClean, this baking powder-based deodorant breaks down dirt, deposits and odors so that you can simply vacuum everything up. It then leaves a fresh scent that “smells wonderful” and “lasts for weeks,” according to one reviewer. No wonder it’s a bestseller in the household carpet deodorant category.

  • Scent: pet fresh
  • Price per ounce: $ 0.22
  • Consistency: powder

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve tried everything to get the urine smell out of my carpet. I even tried to put my dog ​​in a dog’s diaper because he can’t help himself. I used this today, left it on my carpet for 15 minutes and vacuumed.” […] This is the first time since we got our dogs that our carpet smells really good! ”

3. A deodorizing spray that is great for cleaning stains

Angry Orange’s Odor Remover removes both stains and odors from your carpet by breaking them down at the source. While it was designed for animal testing, reviewers note that it can be used for other uses as well. “Also works great in the bathroom on tiles and grout,” wrote one customer. It also has an uplifting citrus scent because it is made from real oranges. (While it’s definitely safe for carpets, you can also easily use it on wood, tile, concrete, grass, and pet items.) It’s not the cheapest option, but swear by smelly stains where nothing else will work many reviewers through this spray.

  • Scent: citrus fruits
  • Price per ounce: $ 0.87
  • Consistency: spray

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve tried nearly $ 300 worth of urine sprays that smell so bad they’re like cat urine plus chemicals. […] That immediately knocked the smell away !!! It smells like delicious freshly peeled oranges. We have a terrible, old, thick carpet (which I just don’t have [have] to replace the money). I really didn’t think this little spray would work. It has !!! “

4. A natural powder option

For those concerned about the ingredients in their deodorant, Good Natured Brand’s Saving Grace is the way to go. This powder is made from natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly ingredients (baking soda and essential oils) that are safe for pets and children. While especially gentle, even reviewers who “have tried every carpet powder / deodorant” report that “this stuff is AMAZING!” Just sprinkle it on your carpet, let it sit for five minutes, and then vacuum it up. It works on upholstered furniture too.

  • Scent: eucalyptus & lemon
  • Price per ounce: $ 0.50
  • Consistency: powder

One reviewer wrote: “The smell is heavenly and deodorises the carpet so well! […] My puppy has [tons of] Skin allergies and licking his paws a lot when they are irritated, but no paw licking with this one! I highly recommend. ”

5. The best carpet shampoo & deodorant in one

Finally, for anything pervasive odors like smoke or mildew, you should probably try a full carpet shampoo. This one from Hoover can be used in most full size deep cleaning machines. In addition to removing stains and dirt from your carpet, it also removes odors and leaves behind a fresh linen smell – all without phosphates, toxins and septic ingredients. Because it’s focused, reviewers say a little goes a very long way too.

  • Scent: linen
  • Price per ounce: $ 0.27
  • Consistency: Concentrated shampoo

One reviewer wrote: “Clean and fresh. LOVE IT! Just moved into my new house and wanted to freshen everything up. My carpets feel so much better and look so much better!”

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