The 11 Best Online Mattress Companies Compared

Do you remember when we first heard about bed-in-a-box businesses? It seemed like they were here to make our lives easier, didn’t they? They offered free trials, mattresses with a choice of firmness, and overall comparatively low prices. But as more and more such companies emerged, things got much more confusing. Some let you try their mattresses for 100 days, others 120 days, while others made sleep attempts all year round. You can find mattresses that only give you one firmness option while others can be tailored to your size, shape and individual sleeping habits. Now you can find over 100 different bed-in-a-box companies. How do you know which mattress in a box is right for you?

To help you understand all of this mattress confusion, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest names in the bed-in-a-box delivery game (Nectar, Lessa, Casper, and Tuft & Needle, to name a few). Whether you want the lowest price, the longest trial period, or the most customized mattress, we can help. Check out our Black Friday mattress sales page for the latest mattress sales for October 13th and 14th.

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At a glance:

    • Best for back sleepers:: nectar
    • Best for combination sleepers: Leesa
    • Best budget value: Tuft & needle
    • Best for pressure point support:Kasper
    • Best variety: Brooklyn bedding
    • Best personalization: Helix
    • Best foldable (double sided) mattresses: Layla
    • Best handmade: Loom and sheet
    • The most innovative snooze systems:Luma
    • Best selection of children’s and pet beds: Nest bedding
    • Best luxury: Send

Best for back sleepers: nectar

While the nectar mattress can support any sleeping position, its medium firm feel makes it a great option for back sleepers. The queen mattress is made of medical memory foam, a top gel memory foam layer and a top quilted cover. If you need a back pain mattress this is a great option.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Mattress options: Memory foam mattress, luscious mattress
  • Trial period: 365 nights.
  • Guarantee: Forever.

Best for combination sleepers: Leesa

Leesa comes on stage shortly after Casper and takes a similar approach with her few options: The Original, Hybrid and New Legend mattress styles. As a certified B-company, Leesa promises that for every 10 mattresses Lessa sells, the company will sell the company donate one to a local animal shelter. Leesa also offers linens, bases, and pillows.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Options: Original, hybrid, legend, studio.
  • Trial period: 100 days.
  • Guarantee: 10 year limited warranty.

Best budget value: Tuft & needle

Often mentioned alongside Casper and Leesa, Tuft & Needle is a great option for door-to-door delivery. According to the company, the material on their original mattress is neither latex nor memory foam, but its own foam. (They also now wear two other types of mattresses: their mint and their hybrids). However, what really sets the mattress apart is its price, which is among the cheapest on our list.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Mattress options: Original, mint, hybrid.
  • Trial period: 100 days.
  • Guarantee: ten years.

Best for pressure point support: Kasper

Casper took a one-softness-fits-all approach to its mattresses when it was launched in 2014. She now also sells sheets, bedding, bed frames, light bulbs, dog beds, pillows, and more. If you’d like to try Casper mattresses in person, they’ve teamed up with regional retailers in your area. If you are looking for a side sleeper mattress, Casper has different models for back and shoulder pain. Find a store or a partner location Here.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Mattress options: Wave, Casper, Nova Hybrid.
  • Trial period: 100 days.
  • Guarantee: 10 year limited warranty.

Brooklyn Bedding has been in business since 1995 and started shipping beds in a box in 2009. This makes Brooklyn Bedding one of the first providers in this area. You can also purchase pillows, sheets, and a platform from Brooklyn Bedding. Since it offers three levels of firmness, you can either read the company’s guide to choosing the right mattress, or call or email a recommendation.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Options: Signature Hybrid, Bowery, Bowery Hybrid, Bloom Hybrid, Aurora Hybrid, Spartan Hybrid; each in soft, medium or firm.
  • Trial period: 120 days.
  • Guarantee: ten years.

Shop at Brooklyn Bedding

Best personalization: Helix

Unlike many of its competitors, Helix wants to produce personalized mattresses. Instead of choosing a firmness, you need to tick many boxes on the questionnaire. Helix wants to know everything, from your height and weight to your body shape and sleeping position. If you have a partner, you can either choose a mixed option that results in a mattress based on your combined stats or split it in half so that each side is customized.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Options: Helix: adjusted based on a questionnaire; Helix Luxe: adapted with improved functions; Helix Plus: for plus sizes and tall sleepers; Birch: organic mattress.
  • Trial period: 100 days.
  • Guarantee: Helix: 10 years; Helix Plus and Luxe: 15 years; Birch: 25 years.

Best flippable (two-sided) options: Layla

To give you a bit more choice, Layla baked softness and firmness into a memory foam mattress as well as a hybrid. One side is soft, the other is firm. The memory foam mattress is also spiked with copper on the softer side, which the company claims keeps it cooler and promotes blood circulation – although some are a bit skeptical of this claim.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Options: Memory foam or hybrid.
  • Trial period: 120 nights.
  • Guarantee: Lifetime.

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From the mattress manufacturer Saatva, Loom and Leaf describe themselves as a luxury mattress that does not come in a box. Instead, someone will deliver and set up your loom and reed for you. It also comes with a higher price tag, shorter trial period, and a few inches more pillows than many of the other mattresses on our list. It even has a layer of gel to keep you cool.

  • Shipping and returns: Free delivery, removal and installation of old mattresses; $ 99 for returns.
  • Options: Relaxed company or company.
  • Trial period: 120 days.
  • Guarantee: 15 years.

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The most innovative snooze systems: Luma

WinkBeds coolControl

Back when these companies were few, it only took a slightly longer trial period to get noticed. Since Luma was a bit late, additional options were added to the original Luma mattress. Now customers can also choose a Natural Hybrid option, the Hybrid Slumber System and the Latex Slumber System, as well as different types of bedding, pillows and foundations.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Options: Luma, Hybrid, Hybrid Slumber System and Latex Slumber System.
  • Trial period: 100 nights.
  • Guarantee: ten years.

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Best selection of children’s and pet beds: Nest bedding

Seven main types of mattresses are available on the Nest Bedding website including Love & Sleep, Alexander Signature Hybrid, Alexander Signature Series Flippable, the new FLIP Hybrid, Natural Hybrid Latex, All Latex (Natural & Organic) and Certified Organic Hybrid Latex model. In addition, Nest now offers linens, pillows, furniture, crib mattresses / sheets and pet beds. Find a Nest showroom near you on this card to experience their products personally.

  • Shipping and returns: Free.
  • Options: Seven different models as well as children’s and children’s bed mattresses.
  • Trial period: 100 days.
  • Guarantee: Lifetime.

Shop at Nest Bedding

Best luxury: Saatva

You can remember Saatva from earlier on our list. Like the loom and the sheet, the Saatva mattress is not delivered in a box, but rather set up by employees. The company will also take away your old mattress for free. It lacks the layer of gel that Loom and Leaf has, of course, but it also costs less. It also swaps some of the foam layers for coils.

  • Shipping and returns: Free delivery of white gloves and removal of the mattress; $ 99 for returns.
  • Options: Saatva Classic, HD, Youth, Zenhaven and Solaire.
  • Trial period: 180 days.
  • Guarantee: They vary: the Saatva Classic has a limited lifetime warranty, Loom & Leaf has 15 years, Solaire has 25 years, HD and Zenhaven both have 20 and Youth has 12 years.

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