Tamale Technical University to embark on rescue mission to recover stolen furniture

Tamale Technical University Vice Chancellor Professor Abass Braimah has announced that the university’s management will launch a rescue mission in the coming days to retrieve all of the furniture from students who have moved into their respective homes.

The operation, titled Operation Search and Rescue a Furniture, would move management to student residents who live in neighboring communities to retrieve stolen university furniture.

Two weeks ago it was reported that students at the university threatened to go on strike because they had no furniture to sit on during lectures.

Addressing the freshmen at the third enrollment ceremony, the Vice Chancellor said the university could not achieve its goal of rebirth, renewal and aspiration to make Tamale Technical University a leading institution in Ghana if these very people worked with them Sabotage efforts.

To the extent that students have the right to demand what is due to them, the university also has the right to ensure that what belongs to the school is protected.

Prof. Braimah urged the students to encourage their colleagues to return any stolen furniture in their possession to the lecture halls.

“I have been reliably informed that most of our furniture was brought by students to their homes in the neighboring communities. We are failing to achieve our goals of rebirth and renewal and are striving to make Tamale Technical University a leading institution in Ghana and worldwide, if any people we work for are sabotaging efforts, ”he explained.

The VC also stated that the university has introduced two more programs in Bachelor of Tourism Management and Mechanical Engineering. He added that the school has also received regulatory approval from the Ghana Tertiary Education Council to run twelve new Bachelor of Technology programs after accreditation.

The new programs include B. Tech in Food Science and Technology, B. Tech in Business Innovation Management, B. Tech in Welding and Manufacturing, B. Tech in Logistics and Procurement Management, and B. Tech in Building Services, B. Tech in Applied Technology Statistics B. Tech in mechanical engineering, the rest are B. Tech in vehicle technology, B. Tech in road and traffic technology, B. Tech in wood and furniture construction, B. Tech in electrical engineering and electronics and B. Tech in industrial information technology.

Prof. Braimah said these new programs are designed to provide students with employable technical and practical career paths, consistent with the mandate of the Technical Universities.

“These are market-oriented programs designed to provide the skills required for both local and international markets. It is expected that around 20 more B. Tech programs for accreditation and assembly will be developed by the end of this year, ”he said

Professor Abass Braimah said the university had received a total of 3,689 applications for the 2020/2021 academic year, of which 3,584 were qualified and admitted to various undergraduate programs.

Of the total, 1,429 of the admitted students are women and 2,095 are men. According to the Vice Chancellor, the number of women has improved significantly this year.

However, he highlighted the infrastructure, water, furniture, and staff challenges as some of the limitations the school is facing.

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