Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Provides Mold Remediation

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn is now offering mold remediation services for commercial and residential units across Brooklyn.

New York City, New York – January 17, 2021 – Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn is proud to announce a new mold remediation service in Brooklyn.

Mold remediation is a valuable addition to the professional services previously offered. By handling a wide range of cleaning services and helping people recover their damaged property, mold remediation is the newest option available to meet the needs of our Brooklyn customers.

Mold can be present in your business premises or at home and affect your daily life even when no actual mold is visible.

Discoloration, musty odor, water ingress, and harmful effects on human health are the main indicators that mold is present on your property.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn offers a full service solution from inspection and testing to mold remediation. We offer mold remediation services if you confirm mold growth after water damage or leaks, or if you smell musty smells in your basement.

Our experts use advanced professional tools, equipment and techniques to solve mold problems according to the mold remediation protocol. Mold remediation chemicals are commonly used to kill mold spores in various facilities. Mold experts explain in detail what to do during the remediation process.

Our main molding services include:

Mold inspection. Inspections are assessments that are carried out on your premises to determine whether or not mold has started to grow. You will also get a detailed estimate of what it will take to go through the full process of fixing your mold problem.

Mold tests. Mold tests are the only method that provides conclusive evidence of mold infestation. After the mold test by our certified experts, you are sure to have the mold problem and get all the answers you need. However, laboratory testing may not be required if the shape is visible on the surfaces.

Mold remediation. This includes cleaning the mold avoiding any exposure. The source of moisture is also treated to prevent new growth. Remove mold by our experts who have certified training and experience to complete mold removal completely and safely.

We understand the science behind mold growth and that every damage scenario is different and deserves a unique solution.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn is a qualified provider of mold remediation. Our certified specialists are always available if you ask us for help quickly. The mold remediation process focuses on controlling the mold levels to their natural values.

If you see mold in your home or office, don’t wait! Call us anytime at 718-770-7341 for advice, estimate or advice!

About Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn is a professional cleaning service based in Brooklyn, New York. The certified and licensed staff is ready to solve any complex problem in your home or office. In addition to mold remediation, we carry out mold inspections, mold tests and much more. Visit us or request more information.

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Sunbird Carpet Cleaning The Brooklyn team of carpet cleaning experts offer carpet and upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn and New York. The company also offers a variety of other services: water damage restoration, mold testing and inspection, mold restoration, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, repair of wooden floors
We believe that our service can bring shine back to your office or home. With our skilled technicians and courteous service, we can make you proud of your home. Our service has over 12 years of cleaning experience in Brooklyn, NY. You can be sure of our great staff.

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