Summit County Preparing For New Trash-Hauling Contract Two Years Out

Summit County’s current garbage disposal contract will not expire for nearly two years.

But the economic factors of the garbage industry mean the county must start preparations now. You are working on getting a new contract for a quote.

Tim Loveday, superintendent of Summit County’s landfill, said the current contract with Republic Services expires in late June 2022. He has already worked with the county legal staff to draft a new contract.

“We’re trying to find a better contract that serves the county better, serves the residents better and is also fairer to the contractor. We also have the problem that there is currently a lead time for the procurement of garbage trucks. It takes about a year to get a garbage truck. So if we’re going to try to get someone to win that contract and bid fairly, we have to get the thing taken at least a year in advance. That means we’re looking around somewhere in July and August next year, we have to place an order. “

For a while, the county considered running the garbage service internally, but ultimately decided against this option.

“The really scary thing right now when we’re trying to implement our own program, aside from the cost, because it’s very expensive to do upfront to do so. We believe that after about seven years we could have saved the county money. But we just can’t get employees. “

Loveday said he would submit the proposed contract to the county council for comment in October and hopes to be able to advertise offers by early next year.

He said there are likely only four companies to compete for the contract.

Another change for the garbage service is that the garbage fee per residence has increased from $ 36 to $ 40. According to Loveday, waste collection works as two programs.

“The landfill and collections actually manage two different sets of books. The landfills are a corporate fund. And as an enterprise fund, we operate like a company. The intent is for those to break even each year, not make a profit, but also not lose money. We are there right now. We have actually been in the black for the past few years, not much, but at least it is not losing any money. The fee was used for collection. This contract now has a term of approximately $ 3.2 million per year. The fees we get are roughly $ 750,000. So there is still a huge subsidy for roadside collection. “

He said the fee collection, which is made by Republic Services, has gone pretty well. One particular group is a problem.

“Most of the problems we have this year are people who own second homes here. And so they put their mail on hold until they come back in summer or winter, depending on what time of year they decide to use their homes. So these are returned. So we’re trying to get second addresses for them, but it’s a very difficult process for us. “

Tim Loveday, Superintendent of the Summit County Landfill.

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