Studio 8 features The Attic Recording Studios in Geneseo

There’s a recording studio upstairs at Geneseo House that creates big waves of sound in the Quad City music community.

GENESEO, Illinois – Upstairs at Geneseo House is a recording studio that creates large sound waves in the Quad City music community.

Attic Recording Studios are owned by Jose Urquiza and Nathan Walker. This unlikely duo met with what they love to do – play music.

“I sing for a band in the Quad Cities called ‘Three Years Hollow,'” said Urquiza.

Walker is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. The two met en route on their tour and discovered that they both had a passion for music production.

Now they are recording both local and national bands. One band, Elisium, is from Virginia but recently moved to Geneseo to work more closely with Urquiza and Walker. Elisium was the first band to sign up for The Attic label. Their music can be seen in the video above.

See the video for the full story.

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