Springs police arrest suspect hiding in Starbucks attic

Colorado Springs police arrested a man after they found him hiding in the attic of a store they said broke in on Friday morning.

According to police, officers responded to Starbucks near Nevada Avenue and Brookside Streets about a reported break-in around 12:06 p.m.

When they got there, the person who called the officers said she went to the store to pick up donation items and saw that there was a drywall on the floor and a saw blade was cutting through the roof. At that point, the man said he left the store and called the police.

The officers went into the building and said they saw a hole the size of a fist in the ceiling.

Firefighters from Colorado Springs were called in to help police officers get to the roof. From there, according to the police, police went to an attic and found Marcus Clark hidden under insulation. The police arrested him and took him to prison.

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