Springfield junk hauling company sees shift in business during coronavirus pandemic

Many people are taking advantage of the stay at home to tidy up their house and it has created a lot of business for local garbage trucks.

J&T Services Junk Removal, Operations Manager Joe Myer, said they are the largest in the area. While its crews typically work closely with commercial and residential real estate, they have seen a shift since the stay at home orders.

Myer said because not that many stores are open, calls to be picked up at these locations have been dropped. However, J&T Services receives many more calls to pick things up from people’s homes. He thinks it’s because there are more people in the house noticing all of their trash. Along with the shift in customers, J&T saw a change in the things the crews handle.

“People do more spring cleaning than basements and other nasty things in their homes,” explained Matthew Jordan, foreman at J&T. “People are getting rid of couches and more household items.”

When people clean and throw away rubbish, they usually don’t worry about how clean it is. Crews picking it up, however, certainly need to take more precautionary measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is why it is so important to wear adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) regardless of a pandemic. Myer said hygiene and dirt removal are especially important to the community now. He has told J&T Services for a decade that junk removal has been a MUST in many situations where wearing your PPE was a MUST. He explained that people who have a problem with a contaminated item need a plan to dispose of it safely without putting them or others at risk.

“Our staff have the training and ability to provide these services and remove items that may be contaminated and avoid exposing members of our community to attempting such a task,” said Myer.

Myer said the crews could handle almost any item because they are trained to evacuate without fear. However, the J&T services ensure that safety and precautions are paramount.

In doing so, J&T not only contributed PPE when needed, but also added pay-per-phone and adjusted some of the services to limit exposure during this pandemic. Staff added that they would appreciate being given advance notice of any potential exposure or contamination in order to be prepared to ensure everyone’s safety.

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