Southington trash hauler close to approval for expansion

SOUTHINGTON – A local garbage company is about to get government approval for a transfer station on Triano Drive that will sort recyclable materials, collect municipal waste and speed up garbage disposal.

HQ Dumpsters and Recycling is completing a 28,000-square-foot building on the Triano Drive property to house sorting and rubbish removal operations.

The Plantsville-based company offers commercial and residential garbage collection and rubbish container rentals. Jack Perry, a company owner, said the expansion and expected government approval would allow headquarters to expand all of these operations.

“This will allow for more volume and more articles,” he said.

Working to keep prices down

Perry said incinerators in the state are being shut down and that garbage collection fees have “skyrocketed” over the past five years. In remaining incinerators, garbage trucks are often waiting to dispose of their load because they cannot handle the volume of waste.

With the transfer station at the headquarters, rubbish collection trucks can dispose of garbage in larger trucks that take it to the plants in the region. More efficient garbage collection prevents prices from rising too much, Perry said.

Government approval for handling more trash

Frank Gagliardo, senior environmental analyst with the state’s Department of Energy and Environment, said headquarters have general approval for garbage transportation. This enables the company to collect up to 50 tons of waste per day.

Gagliardo expects the company’s individual license to be approved early next month. This allows the headquarters to receive up to 545 tons of waste per day. This includes used tires, metal, construction waste, household waste, furniture and more.

According to Gagliardo, the headquarters have no violations against the state.

“You have a good track record with the department,” he said.

More recycling, potential for city contracts

The new building has sorting machines and lines that will allow the company to recycle more waste, Perry said. For homeowners who have deposited bulky waste at the Triano Drive facility, the only change is how the waste is treated after it is dropped off.

“Our goal is to pick things up and take them back up in an environmentally friendly way instead of just throwing them in a landfill,” he said.

Government approval to pick up more waste also allows the company to submit bids for community work. The headquarters transports garbage for the inner-city part of Meriden and could now serve as a hub for Meriden’s garbage before it goes to an incinerator.

Perry plans to have the new facility up and running “within a year”.

The company employs around 40 people and Perry said his workforce could double in the next five years with this expansion.

Perry, a Democrat, is running for the Senate against Republican incumbent Rob Sampson. Sampson represents the 16th Senate District in his second term. Sampson said he had no comment on the application of the transfer station.

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