Single trash hauling system by Ben Thomas

So we did it. Tina and I removed and stored the furniture on the porch. We’re already looking forward to spring 2021 to rebuild the furniture, but winter has to happen. If we have warm weather, we can still set up these pocket chairs. I am grateful for the rainfall over the past week and weekend as the water table has certainly got low.

Please join me for a few minutes as I write this report from our family room. On this Sunday afternoon, a stiff wind is blowing in front of our windows. I just had a hot tea which was pretty comforting.

Veterans Day is next week, November 11th at 11am. Hope you can attend the ceremony at Borough Hall on North Washington Street. If you cannot, set WRGG for the program.

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So … The Greencastle Council has been talking about a one-stop garbage collection system for years. Many have told me that they either agree or disagree with the concept. I love to write about how it would work, having been involved with the single source system in Adams County for over 10 years. It’s cheaper than what we pay on-site as there are more services included in a three-year contract.

I understand that a few years ago Greencastle was considering a system where you would be billed for your quarterly water / sewage bill. This was refused. I do not agree with this method as there are residents who either take their rubbish straight to the landfill on Saturday morning or have access to a dumpster where they can dispose of their household waste.

Here is an option Greencastle might consider in spring 2021. With free enterprise in mind, Greencastle Borough would be a one-stop shop for garbage and recycling if all the companies serving Greencastle could bid competitively on a multi-year contract. The services that can be integrated into this system not only include garbage and recycling collection – roadside collection is also added. electronic recycling once or twice a year (old televisions and computers); Collection of garden waste; Set the start time for the tractor to start (usually 6 a.m.). and you choose container services or individual bag collections (for low volume garbage users). The municipality always reserves the right to refuse offers (if not benefits for our citizens).

Here are some other benefits. You would sign up and receive quarterly bills straight from the low-cost carrier. The starting time for the morning pick-up is determined by the municipality. During the week there is a collection truck on your street for trash and recycling, not six or eight, some currently start at 2:30 in the morning (I sleep lightly so I definitely hear them). Your quarterly cost might be less if more services were provided as stated.

This is what our multi-community system in Adams County experiences as the low bid, has the benefit of all business being offered on an independent contract basis for a three year contract. If all goes well, the contract can be extended for another year.

Greencastle’s goal: competitive waste and recycling costs from a single source (hopefully less); more debt collection services as stated; Start time of control collection; far fewer trucks and corresponding weight on city streets.

Bottom line … I believe such a system will save you money and provide additional pick up services all night with limited heavy vehicles. If there are no advantages, the council simply rejects all offers.

Remember that free parking is now in effect for downtown November and December. Help our small businesses support the GA community. Shop Small Saturday is November 28th. Let’s make Shop Small in GA every day!

We hope to see you at the Veteran’s Day program on November 11th. Thanks for reading. Keep calling and supporting your families and friends. We are blessed.

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