Silver Belt | Tons of trash removed from Irene’s Wash

Supervisor Woody Cline was part of the cleanup that removed more than four tons of trash from Irene’s Wash on Thursday March 4th.

The laundry was littered with household rubbish including appliances and furniture. Craig Jones and Bill Marshall helped load the trash with a backhoe and tractor in the dumpster. Gila County’s landfill manager Kenny Keith and local residents Jim Twohey and Cathy Melvin all got their hands dirty.

Illegal dumping in the laundry is not only a thorn in the side, it also poses additional problems with the watershed.

The average cost of a load at the Russell Gulch Landfill is $ 7.50, including up to £ 280, plus an additional three cents per pound for heavier loads.

There’s even a special green waste fee for removing grass, leaves, or twigs under four inches.

For more information, call the Russell Gulch Landfill in Globe at 928-425-7470.

Supervisor Cline is planning another cleanup at the end of March.

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