She found her mom’s sewing machine in the attic. Now she can’t stop making masks for health care workers.

Maia Costello was unemployed and had postponed her wedding. She decided to do good to others.

DECATUR, Ga. – Maia Costello gets it.

“Right now it’s really easy to see all the tough, terrible things that are going on in the world,” she said 11Alive’s Matt Pearl. “I think it’s really easy to go negative.”

If anyone had reason to be negative, it was Costello. The COVID-19 pandemic forced her and her fiancé to postpone their wedding in May. It left both of them unemployed and chewed on their savings.

What is often just as difficult, she says, is “seeing the statistics and seeing people lose their lives”.

But she says, “It’s just as easy to see all the beautiful, wonderful people and the hope and love in the world right now.”

Costello decided to bring hope. She found her mother’s old sewing machine in the attic. She learned to sew. And she started making masks for healthcare workers. Then she stretched out her arms through a simple post on Facebook.

“I just held up a little thing that said, ‘Please read this post. It’s almost my birthday, “she said.” I asked them if they could donate – two dollars, five dollars, ten dollars – and I could keep buying materials and making masks for healthcare workers. “”

In 24 hours she had raised nearly $ 1,600.

To date, Costello has made more than 100 masks. It doesn’t change the overwhelming need – or the overwhelming negative of this pandemic. But it offers a positive path.

“People want a purpose now,” said Costello. “At a time when it is difficult for a lot of people, including me, I think this is a really good example of hope.”

Costello is part of a group called Sewing masks for hospitals in the area. In Atlanta alone, its 8,500 members have made and supplied more than 22,000 masks.

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