Sealy Cocoon Chill Mattress Review for 2021

Beware, hot sleepers: the Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress might be exactly what you have been looking for.

This cooling mattress is available as a memory foam as well as a hybrid mattress.

Let’s take a closer look at the mattress and what you should consider before buying.


  • Is offered as a memory foam or hybrid mattress
  • Made with cooling technology and CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Quickly decompresses out of the box
  • Comes with a 100 night sleep attempt and a 10 year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free
  • Designed and built in the United States


  • According to customer reviews, it smells slightly of plastic for the first 1 to 2 nights
  • Delivery does not include white glove service or removal of your old mattress


Compared to other box mattresses, the Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress is inexpensive.

There are slightly cheaper mattresses on the market, but there are also far more expensive ones, especially for hybrids.

Chill memory foam mattress

  • Strength: Medium firmness
  • Height: 10 inches

While memory foam mattresses normally retain heat, it offers all the benefits of a memory foam mattress without the sweaty sensation.

Thanks to the full foam construction, the transmission of motion is low, which makes it a good choice for light sleepers. It could also work well for people looking for pressure relief, as well as those who sleep on their sides and on their stomach.

The mattress consists of four layers. The base is a heavier, more durable foam that provides support.

There is a layer of comfort foam on the top, which prevents some memory foam mattresses from “submerging”.

The third layer is adaptable and is designed to adapt to your body while you sleep.

The last layer is a cooling cover made from a “phase change material”. Sealy doesn’t go into too much detail about how the fabric works, but does say that it absorbs body heat to keep you cool. Reviewers endorse this idea, citing how cool the mattress feels even after many nights of sleep.

All foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. Customers can add pillows, sheets, or a powered base to their purchase.

Buy the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam Mattress online.

Chill hybrid mattress

  • Strength: Medium firmness
  • Height: 12 inches

Hybrid mattresses are designed for sleepers who want the best of both worlds: memory foam comfort and coil support in their pocket.

Similar to the memory foam version, the hybrid consists of four layers.

There is a supportive base followed by an active support coil layer. The coils are supposed to support the cooling factor as they are supposed to allow airflow.

The coils are covered with a layer of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that claims to adapt to any height or sleeping position.

However, reviews seem to suggest that the hybrid mattress is best for both back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers say the mattress is a little too firm for them.

Finally, the mattress is covered with the same layer of phase change material as the memory foam version. This material is designed to absorb and dissipate heat so you can stay cool all night.

If you are concerned about the edges of the bed sinking or if you have a tendency to sit on the edge of the bed, the hybrid mattress might be a good choice for you. It has a steel perimeter for good edge support.

Buy the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid mattress online.

Both versions of the Cocoon Chill mattress are currently only sold on the Sealy website.

You won’t find them at third party sellers or in stores.

If you are looking for a medium firm mattress that claims to keep you cool all night, consider a Cocoon Chill mattress.

However, whether you go for the memory foam or the hybrid option depends on how you sleep.

If you sleep with a partner, are a light sleeper, or sleep on your side, memory foam mattresses are usually your best bet.

If you are heavier, want more support, or tend to change positions during the night, the hybrid version may be a better choice.

Sealy has an A + Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​rating. Though their BBB profile has some complaints, Sealy has been in business for over 130 years.

Most of the complaints on the BBB seem to have more to do with customer service issues and refund delays than issues with the mattresses themselves.

Most of the reviews on Sealy’s website relate to the mattresses themselves. Overall, both the hybrid and memory foam mattresses are rated highly. Critics say they are comfortable and cool.

Most of the low ratings are due to the mattress not being designed for a specific sleep, and not an issue with Sealy as a company or customer service.

Whichever version you buy, the Cocoon Chill mattress comes compressed and vacuum-sealed in a large box.

Customers say it is pretty easy to maneuver the mattress out of the box and into position. It takes about an hour to fully unfold.

Some reviewers say there was a smell of plastic for the first 1 to 2 nights after using the mattress. This is often the case with memory foam mattresses.

However, critics say that after a few sleeping and ventilating jobs, there was no chemical or plastic odor left on the mattress.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your mattress, Sealy will issue a full refund within 100 nights of use.

All you have to do is submit a refund request and they will arrange a pick up. Sealy donates reimbursed mattresses to local charities.

The Sealy Cocoon Chill mattress is designed for hot sleepers. The option of memory foam or hybrid means many sleepers may find an option that works for them.

Keep your sleeping style and preferences in mind when deciding between the two options. Light sleepers seem to prefer the memory foam, while those who need more support and want a more classic mattress feel are more likely to opt for the hybrid.

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