Scrappy On-Demand Junk Removal Service Available as a Fast, Affordable, & Eco-Friendly Way to Get Rid of Trash & Junk

Having a problem with a lot of junk or trash can be a major headache. Especially for the many who don’t have the time, energy or ability to deal with this problem themselves. Tennessee-based but statewide, forward-thinking company Scrappy has stepped up to help. In exciting news, Scrappy is now offering on-demand trash removal and trash transportation. Scrappy also helps people find work during this challenging time by connecting those with trucks who are ready to remove trash and trash with the people looking for the service. The company takes care of all transactions for added convenience.

“At Scrappy, we’re making America clean again!” Commented a company spokesman. “We’re a quick, affordable, and environmentally friendly option for people to remove their unwanted items. Our mission is to provide a service that will help clean up our cities and neighborhoods across the country and get people back to work during the pandemic. With our user-friendly app, customers can place contactless pick-up orders if necessary. “

According to Scrappy, flat rates are offered based on the size of the transport. Using the service is easy. Customers request a pickup, take a picture of what needs to be removed, schedule a service, make their payment, and then the rubbish or trash is quickly dragged away.

The first reviews for the service were consistently positive.

Jake W. said in a recent five-star review, “Scrappy was extremely easy to use, very professional, and exceptionally affordable compared to other junk removal services.”

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About scrappy

Scrappy is an on-demand collection service for unwanted trash, garden waste, trash and recycling. There’s no need to rent a truck and ask the neighbor to help load heavy equipment. You don’t have to wait for trash or recycling. You don’t have to search how, where and when to hand in the items stacked in your garage or garden. With a few taps of your finger, you can say goodbye to your trash and rest assured that it will be disposed of in an ethical and responsible manner.

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