Sam’s Furniture opens in Siloam Springs

Marc Hayot / Herald-Leader Sam’s furniture store in Siloam Springs will sell bedroom, dining room and living room furniture. According to Sam President Joe Donaldson, the furniture will be branded in low to mid-range prices. The location opened on January 1st.

New Year’s Day marked new business for Siloam Springs when Sam’s Furniture opened an outlet store in Siloam Springs on January 1st.

The Springdale furniture chain moved into the old Bynum’s Furniture building on US Highway 412. The new location in Siloam Springs is part of a major expansion effort for the company, according to Joe Donaldson, President of Sam’s Furniture.

“We’re actually branching out and have a plan to expand to seven stores over the next several years. This is one of the things that Siloam is, a town strategically located around our flagship Springdale location,” said Donaldson.

Donaldson didn’t say what other cities he would like to expand into, but said he met with a realtor in Joplin on Friday night.

Donaldson said he wanted these satellite stores to be within a two-hour drive of Sam’s main campus, where furniture is distributed to these satellite locations. Donaldson said many details have not yet been released to the public.

The Siloam Springs location is a 25,000-square-foot location selling branded bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture at low to mid-range prices, Donaldson said.

Sam’s new location will have nine employees, Donaldson said. Five of those nine employees were new hires from the Siloam Springs area, Donaldson said.

While Sam’s Siloam Springs location was only open for a full week, Donaldson said business had been good so far.

The location was previously occupied by another furniture chain. Bynum operated the building from 2006 to December 2019 when Paul Bynum Sr. retired due to health concerns. The building stood empty for a year before Sam’s furniture came in and opened its new location.


Marc Hayot / Herald-Leader Sam’s Furniture Outlet, a furniture chain based in Springdale, opened a location in Siloam Springs on January 1st. The location is part of an expansion effort to place satellite stores within a two-hour drive of the main store. According to Sam’s President Joe Donaldson, Siloam Springs is strategically located around the flagship store.

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