Safe and Furniture Allegedly Stolen by Realtor in Barrington at Faxon’s Former Estate

Tuesday, June 8th 2021

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Details of the crime charges are revealed in the Barrington Police Report.

The Barrington Police Department released the police report detailing the incident that led to a crime charge against real estate agent Tracy LeRoux in Rhode Island.

According to police, the homeowners who sold the house at 85 Nayatt Road – Andrea McDonough and David Goulden – claimed that LeRoux stole ten chairs from the property and also took a safe out of the house.

After police inquired of LeRoux’s lawyers about the incident, the items were miraculously returned.


Latest in Barrington Saga

As GoLocal first reported last week, LeRoux, the president of Link Real Estate, was the broker for the sellers of one of the most expensive houses in Barrington.

The house – originally built for PGA golfer Brad Faxon before selling it in 2014 – sold for $ 4,587,500 last month.

The sale, the highest price in Barrington since 2014, was announced in early May and just days later, LeRoux was charged with theft.

Police report reveals allegations

Police said the homeowners were due to close on May 7, leaving “items, mostly furniture, for the new buyers and some items for their longtime house cleaner.”

The homeowners then asked LeRoux to take pictures of her checking the safe, as well as the furniture left behind, the report said.

“[LeRoux] wrote in her testimony that she had received a text message from [Goulden] and asked them to check a built-in safe to confirm that there was nothing left in it, ”Barrington Police Sergeant Benjamin Ferreira wrote in his report, which was first filed on June 4th.

Here is a timeline of the activity as included in the report from Ferreira – who spoke to the homeowners and received testimony from LeRoux.

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The property was sold at 82 Nayatt.

On Wednesday May 5, LeRoux told police that Goulden had asked them to “check a built-in safe to confirm that nothing was accidentally left in it.”

LeRoux said she recorded a video of putting the batteries in the safe and opening it.

“[LeRoux said] She sent the video to Goulden to confirm that no items were left in the safe, “wrote Ferreira.

“LeRoux said she then wrote the text [Goulden] informed him about the garbage and furniture in the garage and asked if the items would be removed before closing. [Goulden] replied by asking them to take a picture and have the house cleaner take out the trash and take the furniture, “he continued.

“LeRoux said she had already left the house and would return to take the picture … she said she went back around 6:45 am and took a picture but forgot to send it,” the company said the police report. “[The housekeeper] stated that she arrived at the residents around 7:30 pm and noticed that the items were missing in the house and in the garage. “

Further allegations of theft and return of items

According to police, Goulden sent LeRoux a text message to return the missing items as they belonged to the housekeeper. LeRoux said in her written statement to the police, “she had no idea what he was talking about”.

The following day, May 6, the housekeeper told police that she had returned to the house, where she found items from an office above the garage, including the safe, missing.

According to police, Goulden said “whoever took the safe had access to the inside of the safe” – and that LeRoux was “the only person who had access to the house who knew a safe was hidden there”.

On Saturday, May 8th, lawyer Larry Signore arrived at police headquarters with “the stolen ten chairs and a black safe,” according to police.

Broker charged

On Wednesday May 12th, police made arrangements with LeRoux’s attorney Kevin Salvaggio to interview LeRoux.

Salvaggio told police that Signore would not be available but wanted to be present during the interview.

“I then gave two more dates for an interview and gave no answer,” wrote Ferreira in his report.

Ferreira presented an arrest warrant to Judge Patrick O’Neil later that day; Leroux was charged with theft of more than $ 1,500 in 6th District Court on June 1.

Salvaggio did not respond to GoLocal’s request for comment.

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