Residents urged to clean up trash — or face fines | Local

Lawrence Township’s Code Enforcement Officer, Debra Finkbeiner, urges residents to clean up the trash on their property

With the melting snow and strong winds, according to Finkbeiner, there is now too much rubbish and rubbish scattered around the community.

“There’s rubbish everywhere,” said Finkbeiner.

She said violators will be fined.

“There are no more warnings for garbage,” said Finkbeiner.

She said the community had issued warnings earlier but stopped because the problem persisted.

The fine is $ 25 for the first offense, $ 50 for the second offense, and $ 100 for the third offense.

Finkbeiner reminded residents that the roadside community is being recycled. Residents who wish to have a trash can should contact Community Secretary / Treasurer Barbara Shaffner at 765-0176.

The recycling schedule is as follows: 1st Thursday of the month, Area 1, Golden Rod, Kerr Addition, Plymptonville, Mill Road, Turnpike Avenue, Hillsdale / Haney Development.

Third Thursday of the month, Area 2, Susquehanna Terrace, Fletcherville, Montgomery Run Road, Hyde City, Country Club Hills, Long Meadow, Elizabeth Street.

Finkbeiner also reminded the garbage transport companies that they must be registered with the state environmental protection ministry and that they should also register with the community.

And said there is a $ 300 fine for moving uncovered waste, and the community will enforce that.

“It’s getting out of hand,” said Finkbeiner.

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