Residents net heap of trouble with trash | Marion County Record

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Lots of residents who live north of 330th Rd. have to figure out what to do with their trash, despite opening a new transfer station in the county, which they pay taxes to support.

Anita and Warren Unruh, 527 340th Rd., Used to pick up their trash from Waste Connections.

“We had them for years and they cut us off a few years ago,” said Anita Unruh.

The neighbors try to arrange a large dumpster for them. The garbage left in it would be picked up by another waste disposal company.

“We didn’t get an honest response from Waste Connections,” Unruh said. “The first time I called, I got her to go to a commercial dumpster.”

The next day, she received a phone call saying this was not going to happen.

“It seems like you can use Waste Connections to arrange something with a department and the next day you get a call back from someone saying no, we can’t.” ”

The neighbors even talked about bundling their trash and bringing it to Marion, but that’s a 40-mile drive.

“We pay taxes to use garbage services in the county,” said Unruh.

County Commissioner Kent Becker called Waste Connections several times and was unable to get a response to the garbage service in the area.

Becker said Salina Waste was picking up trash in some of the neighborhoods previously served by Waste Connections, but they stopped.

When Becker called Salina Waste to find out why the company had stopped coming, he was told that Waste Connections had bought Salina Waste. The company’s Salina office was struggling to get answers from Waste Connections, as was Becker.

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