Removalist busted with $40k worth of client’s furniture

A Brisbane woman who fled $ 40,000 worth of furniture after taking a job as a relocation helper on social media outfitted her own home with the goods.

Rosemarie Dezasus Alfon appeared before the Magistrates Court in Brisbane on Monday.

The 36-year-old single mother of seven pleaded guilty to stealing once.

The court heard that the victim had searched the Airtasker website in May for a removal worker to move her household furniture from Bracken Ridge to Sydney.

Airtasker is an online platform where users post jobs that they need to complete and who agree to do so for a fee.

Rosemarie Dezasus Alfon appeared before the Magistrates Court in Brisbane on Monday.

Alfons co-defendant contacted the victim telling him he could do the job and negotiated a fee of $ 1,700, the court heard.

The woman then deposited the money into his bank account.

Police Chief Senior Constable Hayley Kipps said Alfon and the man had arrived at the woman’s house and started packing her furniture.

The victim agreed to provide Alfon with a refrigerator, table and old bed as part of the deal.

She then went to Sydney with her children, but the furniture “never arrived”.

The woman called Alfon, who said she did not know where the property was and that she had only helped the co-offender, heard the court.

When Alfon was contacted by the police, he denied any involvement.

“She informed the police that she had not seen the accomplice … (and) had no knowledge of where the victim’s belongings were,” said Snr Con Kipps.

However, police searched her Strathpine home and found “all of the property”.

“Items such as the victim’s furniture, the new queen-size bed … and the washing machine were used by the defendant,” she said.

Much of the property was damaged.

Magistrate Anne Thacker asked Alfon how he “could possibly be involved in this bad behavior”.

“Yes, I shouldn’t get involved,” said Alfon, who was represented himself.

Ms. Thacker said trust is an integral part of platforms like Airtasker.

“The level of honesty has to be impeccable, otherwise the system just won’t work,” she said.

She fined Alfon $ 1,500, taking into account her lack of crime and unemployment, and ordered a refund of $ 1,700.

The court heard that an arrest warrant had been issued against the accomplice, whose case had not been addressed.

Originally published as a removalist, blown up with $ 40,000 worth of customer furniture

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